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PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '09, 5:38 pm 
Charles Gibson, anchor of ABC evening News has announced that he is retiring at the end of the year. Dianne Sawyer has been tapped to replace him as evening anchor.

So, it looks like Dianne Sawyer will be going up against Katie Couric on CBS, and the male anchor on NBC news.

Does anyone even watch these news stations any more. I mostly watch cable news.

I will miss Charlie Gibson, though. He was on Good Morning Amercia as host for years and has been on the news at ABC back when there were no cable news channels. I hope he enjoys his retirement.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '09, 7:16 pm 
I read that Gibson is going to continue in a contributor role, so he will probably still appear every now and then. He'll probably just be a commentator like so many others are these days.

As for watching these shows, I never really watched them at all. They come on at such odd times of the day. It's something like 7 pm, right? For me, that's always been a good time to eat dinner or do something to unwind after a busy day. It's not a time when I'm interested in hearing news reports, which more often than not are filled with negativity.

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