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 Post subject: Get along with others?
PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '08, 4:24 pm 
I was talking to someone recently who got a new cat that seemed very friendly until he took it home. The new cat was very unhappy to see his other cat and became very possessive, growling at just about everything. He was thinking of returning or giving away the new cat because it just wasn't going to work out. If you have more than one pet, how well do all your pets get along with each other?

Most of ours are pretty friendly to each other most of the time. One is a bit of a stick in the mud and won't play with the others, but the rest like to run and romp all over the place together.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '08, 4:46 pm 
Our cats were both from the local humane society but were kept in different cages. When we went in two select our cats (this was several years ago, I was in fourth grade, I think) the people at the humane society took them out of their separate cages and put them both in the same one in the employees only area for a few days to see how they got along before adoption. They must have gotten along well because a few days later, we took them home. They still get along well, but of course get into their little scuffles every now and then. But they've never really hurt each other. Generally their fights consist of a little hissing, growling, and maybe a pounce or two. But generally, they get along fine.

As for my frogs...well, I think that generally, they all think they're the only frog in existence unless they are engaged in the act of procreation. As you can see, I have little faith in the intelligence of these creatures. :p

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, '08, 5:42 pm 
Well, Thoul, I must say that although I understand your friends predicament with the new cat, I am also highly disappointed to hear that he is already thinking of taking the cat back because "it just wasn't going to work out". :fiery:

This is one reason why some agencies, etc., try to discourage people from giving pets as presents during the holidays, (Christmas, Easter, etc.). People are so excited to get baby animals on the holidays and then later find they can't take care of them for whatever reason and take them back, or get rid of them some how.

I think the reaction from the cat is normal since he has just been taken from his comfort zone and placed in a new home where he has no idea what's happening and who is there, etc. I think the wise decision would be to just take a little time and patience and see what happens. The cats may become friends after spending some time together, and maybe not. Only time will tell. If after a certain amount of time, the situation is still unbearable and no improvement shown, then it may be necessary to find the cat another home, but I hope that is done wisely where the cat will not have to suffer the turmoil of being accepted or rejected once again some where else.

In our own home, we have welcomed new cats to the fold that were not very companionable to begin with, but given time, they settled in and were accepted and now seem as much a part of the family as the others. Love, patience, food, security, and more love seem to work wonders many times. My best wishes to your friend and the cats - I hope they all work an agreeable relationship out somehow.

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