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 Post subject: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Mon Oct 8, '12, 5:50 pm 
This is very scary, no kidding intended, but in California gas prices have risen almost as high as $6.00 a gallon. ... nance.html

I think this is absolutely absurd, no matter what the reason!!

If gas prices keep going higher and higher, I don't know what the American people are going to do!!

How much are you paying now for gas in your area???

Here, we are still barely under $4.00 a gallon...or atleast we were the other day when I was last in town. To me, even $4.00 a gallon is waaaay to much!!!

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Tue Oct 9, '12, 5:41 pm 
AIn Brazil we pay more than $6 per gallon (that because our gas is 3/4 gas and 1/4. Ethanol, otherwise it would cost even more), and there are more and more cars on the streets everyday. Besides, almost all the transportation is made by trucks (the railroad system is broken), so the high gas prices affect the prices of everythingg.

To make things worse, Brazil produces more oil than it consumes, unlike US. So, I believe Americans will survive such prices. It is never good to have prices rising, but compared to Brazil, gas in US is very cheap (and I'm ignoring that the average income of the American is way higher than the Brazilian).

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, '12, 7:39 am 
I'm paying $3.60 a gallon. How much is Cali. paying for Diesel?

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, '12, 5:37 pm 
And this why I'm increasingly glad to not have a car. Also, the thing is, many things play into gas prices...and the oil market is international and many MANY factors set gas prices and governments/companies can do so much. Is it too much? Yes. But the thing is, gas has been artificially cheap for ages. It's now beginning to adjust to reflect the true cost of what it costs to extract, produce and refine gasoline.

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, '13, 9:37 pm 
Thought I would bump this topic up as gas prices have risen a lot in the past few weeks and few days. People almost everywhere are having to pay more for a gallon of gas. It's still not too bad around where I live but if it keeps going up, we may have to start dragging out the bicycles or start walking.

Our gas is now almost, or a little over, $4.00 a gallon the last I was in town to get some, and I'm sure it is over that by now.

How much are you paying for a gallon of gas now? Have gas prices risen sharply where you are?

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '13, 3:51 am 
Gas prices here jumped from just under $3 a gallon to $3.45 a gallon last weekend. And that was the cash price, people paying with Debit and Credit pay anywhere from 3¢ to 12¢ more per gallon as a transaction fee for not using real money.

For those curious OPEC, a creation of Arab nations, it is the primary factor and cause for oil price increases. It is currently being used as a means to take revenge upon the western world for oppossing the expansion of the tyrannical cult of Islam by draining monetary resources, crippling the transit systems, and thereby impoverishing free world nations.

Extremely bad federal policies that were created solely to benefit already wealthy oil cartels over the last six decades have prevented we in America from being allowed to utilize well over half of the oil that our own nation produces, rather forcing it to be exported for sale overseas.

Just this month heard a financial analyst on the radio saying that the present goal of OPEC is to drive oil prices across North America to $12 a gallon. He predicted that the nominal per gallon average across the country could be $6 by June.

There are three major oil producing Arab OPEC nations in paticular which hold a great deal of sway in the organization that are not paticularly not fond of the "western world" at present; Iraq, Iran, and Libya. And a fourth no-Arab member nation, Venezuela, that would simply love to milk us for all we're worth.

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '13, 7:10 am 
Since we can't drop the price of gasoline, we're just going to have to get more range out of our cars from the same amount of fuel. From what I've been told, the UK has cars get up to 60 MPG and are as big as ours. If that's true, then there's no reason we can't get more mileage.

And to those who say: "Oh you silly American, use your legs!", I do. Alot more than they care to believe.

*sigh* From what I hear, gas will hit over $4.50 a gallon this summer. If that happens, there goes our economy.

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '13, 2:34 pm 
$6.00 per gallon has been the almost-norm since around 2008 here.

The current price is $1.46 per liter. 1 US gallon = 3.79 liters. The Canadian and American dollars are pretty much a match lately, which gives us about 5.54 Canadian dollars for a gallon. With two cars and 30 miles each to drive every day, not counting the time wasted in traffic, it costs us about $30-35 by car, by week. This is because both our vehicles are economical and modest. Had I a pick-up truck or a powerful sports car, I'd multiply this number by two.

And if you think this is rough, ask myau56 how much the gas goes for in Europe these days.

$3.50 a gallon is cheap. Be happy.

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '13, 6:44 pm 
Gas around Saginaw County, MI has been close to 4$. Though to be fair I'm no longer driving so I don't pay attention to the prices as much as I use to.

 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '13, 7:16 pm 
It's around $4.15 here, give or take a couple cents depending on where you go. I happen to live not terribly far from the New Jersey border (NY has gas tax, NJ does not), so sometimes when it's convenient, I fill up down there and save a couple bucks. It's not always worth it, though.

When I went to college upstate, the city where I went to school (and surrounding area) had a pretty decent public transportation system, which I used for two years until I had a car up there. Here in the 'burbs, a car is practically a necessity. People commuting into NYC usually take the train...but you have to find a way to get to the nearest train station. There are some buses, but I can't even tell you where the nearest stop is. One of my friends doesn't drive and any time he wants to go somewhere that's not within walking distance from his house, he has to set aside at least half a day to take the bus to and from his destination if he can't get a ride from someone. It's frustrating, but I don't think it's a problem that will ever be a high priority around here.

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