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 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Fri Mar 1, '13, 5:12 am 
It's still $3-something here in TX, though I haven't gone to a gas station in over a week so it might be higher now. Texas stays below the national average most of the time, and thank goodness, because public transportation isn't good and the suburbs are spread out.

I don't think high gas prices will affect our family too much, because we have fuel-efficient cars and don't have to commute far. In my case, I only need a car to shop and get the kids to and from school. We have options, should gas prices become super outrageous. My husband could work from home, for starters. The optimist in me would like to believe that other people are also survivalists and will adapt their lifestyles accordingly. People will buy smaller cars or alternative energy cars. There will be a stronger push for reliable public transportation, or, heaven forbid, the US finally fixes and expands its railways, both for commuting and freight.

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 Post subject: Re: Gas $6.00 gallon
PostPosted: Mon Mar 4, '13, 11:10 am 
It's hitting around $3.80 here, I think. It's been a week or two since I was at the pumps myself as well, so I'm not sure on the current price. I do wish the US government would change some of it's policies to allow more US-located oil to be sold and used at home. Or that more alternative energy cars would come into play - I can't afford one myself, but I had once thought they would be more common by now. More people using alternative energy should, in theory, cause a drop in gas prices due to less demand.

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