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PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, '10, 8:42 pm 
This is a bit of a strange twist to the stories of gaming addiction. Ever since the appearances of massive online games, people have been getting sucked into them and finding themselves unable to stop playing. It can destroy relationships and cause all kinds of personal anguish. Now one person in that position is firing back at the company that made the game that addicted him: ... -life-back

What do you think, does this guy's case have a chance? Will he really be able to successfully hold a gaming company responsible for not warning players that a game may be harmful if played for too long?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, '10, 9:48 pm 
The problem is humanity.

I say take the safety label off everything, let the problem solve itself.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 22, '10, 10:41 pm 
This is like suing McDonald's because you ate their food everyday and got fat.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 10:59 pm 
Well, ya know, I think somebody did sue McD's because they got burned with hot coffee. I don't know what the outcome of that was, but duh, if you mess with hot coffee, sure the possibility is there of getting burned.

The cigarette / tobacco companies were also told to put warning labels on their products, so you never know what future laws may be enforced, tried, etc.

It is very easy to become addicted to playing video games, etc. I know. Does that mean the games should come with a warning label .... why not, almost everything else does these days.

Still, even if the case was brought to trial, I'm not sure the jury would be very sympathetic for someone doing nothing but playing video games. Still, ya never know ... crazier things have happened.

Personal responsibility has to figure in all this somewhere, sometime.

I agree with Aero. That would solve the whole problem eventually.

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