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PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 7:18 am 
Rule Of Rose for PS2
This game came out hot off the trails of, and had promise of similar gameplay to Haunting Ground, which is to this day one of my all time favorite games. On top of that, it was being published by Atlus, my favorite publisher, I had often said "Anything Atlus puts their name on is pure gold!" Needless to say, I was excited for this release.
The game is a pure abomination and should never be classified as survival horror, the puzzles were either rediculously easy or so impossible you will advance through the game and miss key items (the moment I realized I missed getting the gun and there was no way back was when I stopped playing the game) and most of the game has no horror what so ever, it was almost embarrassing to see the main character get scared over the stupidest things (the mermaid boss was the one redeeming aspect of that, although it wasn't so much scary as it was disturbing)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 9:06 pm 
Flashback ! Even if this game is french and is seen as a great one, I've never been a fan ! :( I know that the game is good but even with that .. :(

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