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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '14, 4:53 pm 
What are some games (new or old) that you have played time and time again that just never seem to lose their luster? I can think of a few that come to mind.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night(PS/PSN/XBLA) - I've played this tons of times on the PS and the PS3. Every time I play it I still find new things that I never knew of before.

Killing Floor (PC) - This game was "Left 4 Deading" long before Left 4 Dead, and the stand alone game made it that much better. The game is always getting updates to keep it fresh.

Naruto: Clash of Ninja series (GC/Wii) - I'm a big fan of Naruto and fighting games, and these games meet in the middle to form an excellent and fun series. Not too technical compared to other fighters, but they have enough variety to keep you coming back time and time again.

Ikaruga (GC/XBLX/PC) - I have mainly played the Gamecube version, and even though the game is pretty short, there is some much room for your own personal improvement. It's just a lot of fun to play.

Final Fight (Arcade/XBLX/PSN) - Still the best beat em up game ever made IMO. I can always fire this game up and have a good time.

Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) - A mission based game that keeps you coming back for more with lots of weapons and upgradeable skills. I love how the difficulty scales in this game. Stupid easy at first, then it gets really difficult later on.

So what are some games that you never get tired of?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '14, 7:28 pm 
Okami just does not get old for me, even though nothing really changes each play through, it just does not get old. Same goes for EarthBound. Smash Brothers is also pretty consistently a good time even though I've played that game so much.

I'm also beginning to think Red Dead Redemption is a game that'll keep me coming back.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '14, 7:39 pm 
Any Smash Bros. game for me, for sure, I prefer Brawl but I can play 64 and Melee all day long. Final Fantasy for the NES is another one, and I find that I get a lot of replay out of most Fire Emblem games.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '14, 8:00 pm 
I don't have much time to replay games so I don't have a lot of them but my answer is going to be AGAIN Phantasy Star !! The first one especially :) Even if I'm actually playing Phantasy Star IV and that I've just beaten Lashiec early this morning ! ;)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '14, 10:10 pm 
Earthbound, of course.

Beyond that, there's also a very real danger in my gaming of the infinite Ys loop when it comes to Ys I & II. So, I'll beat Ys I, and it'll be like "Hey, these two were supposed to be one game originally." so, I'll logically beat Ys II, and then be like. "That was great, but now I want to do another look at Ys I".

The cycle continues. Who can stop it?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 5, '14, 12:24 pm 
I really NEED to play this Eartbound ! A lot of people seems to find this game excellent, and more.. exceptionnal ! I'll continue to play it sooner or later :)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 5, '14, 11:15 pm 
Bragatyr wrote:Final Fantasy for the NES is another one, and I find that I get a lot of replay out of most Fire Emblem games.

Bragatyr have you ever played the PSP remake of the original Final Fantasy? It's the definitive version of the game. Lots of extra stuff, and upgraded graphics. I played it a long time ago and it was pretty good.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 1:59 am 
I haven't played that one, I tried out the Dawn of Souls version and thought it was fun but nowhere near the NES version in terms of sheer awesomeness. I kind of like the crazy bugs and the darker 8-bit graphics, gives the game a definite charm. I tend to like the original version of a game in most cases, I still really want to play the Famicom version of FF II and III, but I don't read Japanese and I'm weird about downloading stuff.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 2:39 am 
So, the fun games that I can always play, and never ever get tired of, no matter what:

Brutal Doom (PC)- Once upon a time, there was a guy named Sergeant Mark IV. He played Doom and Doom II, and he liked it. Thing is, he didn't think the game was violent enough. So, he made this patch that not only ups the brutality tenfold (perform fatalities on the baddies with a Berserk Pack! Literally paint walls red! Ludicrous gibs!) it changes some of the weapons and gives a majority of them a secondary fire function. This actually makes the familiar Doom and Doom II better-- instead of a run and gun survival horror game, Brutal Doom becomes a surprisingly tactical experience. You actually have to worry about reloading your guns, and think about what gun goes with what situation (as opposed to just blasting away with the chaingun and shotgun.)

Doom: The Roguelike (PC) - Made by Kornel Keiselwicz, this is a fast-paced roguelike version of Doom. Every monster you know and love from the original is in the game, along with a couple extras from Doom 64, and it is quite an epic fight for survival. And in case the baseline game isn't enough for you, there are a few challenge games you can play to truly test your skills.

Gradius IV[/s] (PlayStation 2) - A port of the arcade version bundled on a PS2 disc with Gradius III, Gradius IV is just one of those classic games from Konami's heyday (before they changed their logo!) that hasn't changed much since the series' origin. Fly right, get powerups, shoot at Bacterions, destroy the core!!

[b]Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls
(Game Boy Advance) - It's a classic, what can I say.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 6, '14, 12:38 pm 
About Final Fantasy, I've never played the original version (just tested it) but I've played both Dawn of Souls on the DS and the PSP remake ! The two were great, even if I 've never finished one of them ! :( Maybe later ?

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