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PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, '08, 8:33 pm 
Most of you probably remember when Sega decided to get out of the hardware business after dropping support for the Dreamcast. Lots of people have wondered when Sega would revive the hardware side of their company. Well, it looks like they'll do that in 2009, but it's going to be very disappointing.

They are planning to release a new portable machine called the Sega Vision. I came across these news stories about it today while researching the old Visions magazine. Unfortunately, it's not even a gaming device - it's a glorified music and movie player. Worse, Sega didn't even make it - they're just sticking their name on a product from a Chinese company. And, in a very unusual move, the Vision is launching only in the UK.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 4, '08, 9:29 pm 
...D: It's too bad that they decided to make the Sega Vision a media player rather than a gaming console. One less thing for me to buy, I suppose. :P

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