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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, '17, 8:24 pm 
Finished a couple of things.

First is the excellent fangame Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2. The game's design feels like a midway point between Symphony and its successors and Simon's Quest, and the fusion actually manages to work. It kills Levels and experience entirely so there's a lot more Metroid-style item gathering, some very good puzzles, excellent music choices, and some seriously cool boss design. Oh, and Death is hard again, as there's no easy way out of having to deal with all his stuff. And it even adds a little something to Symphony of the Night.

The second game I beat is the Monster Party Prototype ROM. While the gameplay is pretty much the same, there were a lot of changes to the boss and enemy sprites and even some backgrounds to make it copyright-friendly for the US release.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, '17, 2:29 pm 
Games beaten in 2017:

01/08 - XBlaze Lost: Memories (PSV)
01/14 - Sakura Swim Club (PC)
02/05- Hitman: Blood Money (PC)
04/24- A Kiss for The Petals: Remembering How We Met (PC)
06/17- Deus Ex: Human Revolution
07/16 - Lucy - The Eternity She Wished For (PC)

When I have seen this game in the store, the name and description, I had the feeling that it was an attempt to do something like Planetarian - The Reverie of a Little Planet. After having played the game, I believe I was not wrong.

Lucy is a visual novel centered on Lucy, an android (gynoid) whose charm is being almost human, though with some flaws, much like Yumeni was in Planetarian. Although I quite liked Lucy character, everything else is sacrificed in favor of making Lucy a likable character.

The main problem when compared with Planetarian is that Planetarian has a solid main story and the developments make you love Yumeni, while in Lucy the whole story revolves in trying to make you love her and forcing the question about how human a man-made being that acts and resembles a human must be considered.

Even though I liked the game, I advise other people to be wary of the fact it is a hit or miss: if you don't relate to Lucy, there is nothing else to like in this game.

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