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PostPosted: Sun Aug 8, '10, 12:11 am 
In GamePro #83, the magazine presented the results of their 1995 Reader's Choice Awards. Phantasy Star IV took second place in the Best Role-Playing Game category. While it garnered a mere 14% of the votes, thanks largely to the overwhelming lead of Chrono Trigger, at least that was enough to overcome several other notable RPGs from that year.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 8, '10, 8:50 am 
Well Chrono Trigger is a great RPG too. To be honest, I couldn't really decide between CT and PSIV.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 8, '10, 9:02 am 
CW won't be happy to see that PS4 beat EB by a mere 1%. ;)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 8, '10, 9:05 am 
I second that Lyla. xD

As for me, despite how much I love PSIV, I might choose CT. But I'd probably end up choosing PSIV in the end x3

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, '10, 4:15 am 
Only just saw this as it was on the random image on the front wonder I missed it, I was on vacation when this was put up!

While I'm disappointed PSIV beat Earthbound, 1% is meaningless, especially since PSIV now has fallen by the wayside a bit and Earthbound is only now getting the attention it deserves (often a top download on rom sites, look at how crazy is...) That's why it's voted lower than was so far ahead of its time! :p

(Seriously, though, they're both great RPGs and I'm glad they made that list. I've never played CT, though, can't comment on that.)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 4, '20, 1:06 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Game Pro Reader's Choice Poll with some terrific options, including Phantasy Star IV.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 8, '20, 12:54 pm 
Phantasy Star IV is a great choice ! But Chrono Trigger is great too ! )

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