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Phantasy Star II, page 6

Phantasy Star II, page 6

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PostPosted: Wed May 11, '11, 12:09 am 
The final page of the Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide #1 article previewing Phantasy Star II takes our heroes to the frozen world of Dezo. There is a caution to mind the strength of your enemies, as Kain falls in battle. The article ends as the group meets "the Telemental," who is not named as Lutz by the article. The history of gender confusion surrounding the character continues in the text, however.

PostPosted: Wed May 11, '11, 12:52 pm 
Oh, poor Lutz. Still too effeminate for the American audience, it seems.

I won't comment on all the "duh" advice going on ("Save often"? Yeah, thanks), but these two pieces are wrong:

"Inside this huge crevice is one of the largest mazes you’ve ever seen."
Crevice isn't that big.

"You are suddenly attacked. If you don’t have plenty of experience, you’d better run."
Running is usually a bad idea in PSII. The success rate of running is nothing like it was in the first game.

And I see whoever is playing this has Amy on defense. Whenever I see playthroughs that skip a character in a round of battle I cringe. There are too many good, useful items in PSII (and all the PS games, for that matter, because I've seen it in playthroughs of PSIV, too) to have any character skip a round. If Amy's not armed and not needed for healing, she should be using storm gear or the snow crown.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 6, '21, 8:49 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

More on Phantasy Star II from "Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide".

PostPosted: Wed Nov 3, '21, 2:40 pm 
This Game Player's Sega Genesis Strategy Guide seems to be great !:)

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