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 Post subject: Game Of Death
PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, '14, 4:53 am 
so lately out of curiosity I've been revisiting this film and I remember watching it when I was younger because my older brother turned me and my younger brother onto it, and I don't know how I thought that movie was even remotely cool back then now that I've recently out of boredom looked into the film's production more and how Bruce Lee hardly appears in the film at all and most of the footage uses stand ins. Plus they also use footage for the death faking montage of Bruce Lee's real memorial service which is really disrespectful to the late martial arts legend. I guess it was to make it feel a little more realistic? Who cares. And the plot and the basic premise now that I'm older feels like something out of a video game! Even the movie poster reminds me of some action oriented arcade game from the late 80s (the film came out in 1978). Yet despite this I'm starting to fixate on it again. It has a certain charm, like that "so bad it's funny" quality. One of the most ridiculous moments in the film is the locker room fight with Carl Miller. It's so poorly edited and lousy.

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