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PostPosted: Fri May 30, '14, 3:20 pm 
It doesn't even seem to be a case of needing spray foam. Basically, there just needs to be some insulation in the attic over the garage (apparently it was either not done or not sufficiently done when the main attic was done) as well as the entrance hole to the attic also not being properly insulated. Otherwise, the house was pretty well insulated.

To be honest, I'm slightly bummed at the CFLs, but mostly because I've been going all LED recently. Still, they were freebies, so I'm not going to complain. :)

Oh, and I live down in Wrentham, since you asked. :)

PostPosted: Sat May 31, '14, 1:21 pm 
I like the ideas at being bummed at CFLs because of wanting LEDs, which from an energy standpoint, are even better. :lol: I imagine they went with CFLs because LEDs are still pretty expensive, but I bet those prices will start to drop. I just mentioned spray foam insulation because it's a relatively easy form of insulation to work with and get into smaller spaces when compared to fiberglass or foam board insulation, and seems like it would be the go-to choice for the two jobs you mentioned.

I worked for a year with Habitat for Humanity, which is now doing a lot of sustainable/energy-efficient building, so I've actually done this kind of work before.

I've never been to Wrentham, but I looked at google maps and you're not all that far from me. Just on the other side of Boston on the north-south axis and a little further removed from the major Boston satellites. But still close enough that an MBTA commuter rail goes into that area.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 2, '14, 3:32 pm 
Yeah, I'm familiar with spray foam from watching various home improvement shows over the years. I haven't looked over the detailed estimate from the energy audit folks to see if they're going to do foam or fiberglass, though. My gut tells me fiberglass, however, based mostly on the price we got.

Yeah, I know Burlington (well parts of it, anyway) pretty well. I used to live (and work) in Waltham and would visit the Burlington Mall on occasion.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 1:06 am 
I've worked with fiberglass insulation before. Hard to work with, as you MUST wear a mask, and I've heard that if applied wrongly, it can start folding in on itself. Also never EVER get it wet.

We're going to be moving to Waltham next month, as we just signed a lease for a new place.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 3, '14, 3:04 pm 
Ah, cool on Waltham.

As far as fiberglass, I'm just leaving it to the pros based on what the audit folks recommended. If they are going with fiberglass, I'd go with it. If not, I'd go with spray foam/cellulose/etc.

The insulation, whether fiberglass or spray foam or whatever, will only be going over the garage. The attic entryway will only get an insulated wrap/cover/etc. thingie kind of like this: ... tic-tents/

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