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 Post subject: Game Club 199X
PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '14, 10:08 pm 
So, just thought I'd let everyone know this exists, since surprisingly few do.

In addition to its articles, Hardcore Gaming 101 runs a podcast called Game Club 199X, so called because it's about playing games the way they were played before GameFAQs. Every month, three games are randomly selected, and the community votes on the game that the podcasters play. The catch is that the players have to do it without the aid of FAQs, strategy guides, or any hints at all besides what is given by the forum-goers, and at the end of each playtime, the players get together and talk, often at length, about the history of the game and their experiences with it. Because it's randomized, it covers a much wider variety of games than are usually talked about in retro reminiscing, from the well-known (X-COM: UFO Defense) to the obscure (Electro Man) to the bizarre (Hybrid Heaven).

So, folks should probably have a listen hereabouts.

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