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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, '08, 2:52 pm 
I'm going to post this because I'm having two of these right now, both in Super Smash Brothers: Brawl.

Right now, in Brawl, I'm trying to accomplish two of the challenges in the vault to unlock little goodies on my roommate's game. One of the challenges is to endure a 15-minute brawl, which is one of the multi-man brawls in the stadium events. I really think the only way to accomplish this is to kill enemies, which keep appearing, until you hopefully get it in such a way so that you have only one or two enemies after you. Then, just run around and dodge them until the time is up. I was doing this last night with Pit, and I had two guys after me, which is manageable for Pit since he's pretty agile. One went off and committed suicide with about 4 minutes left on the clock, and 3 enemies appeared to replace him. So I got stuck actually fighting, and my damage percentage climbed to about 200. I managed to get back down to 2 enemies to start dodging...then with 30 seconds left on the clock, a bomb fell on me and that was it. ARGH! :x

The second is the boss battles mode, which I'm trying on very hard. I can get to the last boss at the end, but he has one attack that is really annoying. He sends out three pulse waves that are hard to dodge; I think only sidestepping and aerial dodge will get past them. Normally, this pulse wave has a straight easy rhythm, which made dodging decently easy. But on very hard, I think that last wave is delayed SLIGHTLY, which throws my rhythm off just enough that it hits me. I'm not sure if getting hit is an instant KO, but it has killed me at a pretty low percentage. So I'm still trying that too.

Has anyone else had game moments like these?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, '08, 11:10 pm 
I have to say, Tomb Raider *can't remeber which* had one of the worst checkpoint systems I've been through. They would have 1 big hard part, and checkpoint, then a ton of dumb easy stuff, then a hard part, checkpoint...etc. So if you failed the hard part, you would have to go through the easy parts over and over and over and over until you start getting careless and mess up on the easy part too. XD Also, in certain parts on Jak 2 and 3, they have these random challenges that are completely pointless, but they're so hard that you don't even want to try again.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, '08, 11:18 pm 
I hate pulse wave bosses like that. When I was playing Super Mario Galaxy, which I haven't touched in a while, Bowser was doing something kind of similar. He'd stomp the ground and send out a bunch of pulses. They weren't too hard to avoid, but I just loathe pulse waves.

Dragon Blade, another Wii game, has some terrible collision detection on bosses. To defeat the bosses in that game, you have to get up close and personal, whack away with your sword, then retreat while they launch some special move. One of the dragon bosses has this move where he jumps into water, merges with it, then jumps out elsewhere in the room. Since I have to be so close to hit it, I was usually beside it when it would go in the water, but even if I wasn't really close to it, I'd still get hit like I was right on top of it. I had to do the battle four or five times because of that. :fiery:

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, '08, 5:09 am 
IronSeed- Really, this is a great game. I want to enjoy the nicely-written plot about travelling a strange new galaxy and "awakening the iron space between thoughts." Honest to God, I do. But... oh, God, where do I begin with IronSeed?

* You and your crew have no flesh. Instead, your brain patterns were magnetically scanned and stored in a chemical bath called EgoSynth before your ship left Mars.
* You were supposed to be in space for a thousand days while a computer virus killed a few people you and your crew didn't like. Someone put a zero in the wrong place, though, and a thousand days became a thousand years.
* The ship's internal chronometer failed sometime after launch. When you recalibrated it, it reset to your launch date: 2/1/3784 AD.
* Somebody (read: The Scavengers, a psychotic Borg-like race of information assimilators) shot the living crap out of your ship. Practically everything's damaged in the beginning of the game.
* Your three engineering teams are usually efficient in getting stuff repaired/built/disassembled. However, one particular team has a reputation for being overdue with most of their tasks (I'm looking at YOU, Team 2!)
* Oh, your ship had a weapon. Unfortunately, it's the worst weapon in the game: the Dirk. (All the weapons in the game are named after medieval weapons. Laser cannons are the Dirk, Scimitar, Broadsword, and Claymore, missiles are the Shortbow and Longbow, and rail drivers are the Blackjack and Whip. There are other weapons, but I have yet to see them in action.)
* Said Dirk starts the game not installed on a gun node, but sitting in your cargo hold! Granted, you weren't expecting the trip to be this long, but we should have been prepared for something!
* Your so-called "best of the best, hand-picked" crew can't build much in the beginning. You can disassemble your Dirk, but don't expect to put it back together again until you do a lot of research.
* Why does my Medical Officer have to have a certain character level before I can build Ochre Embryons? (Oh, yeah. Those do psionic damage, and she'd know about how to injure humanoid brains.)
* Your ship has next to no fuel in the beginning. You know how to build more, but you don't have the materials on board the ship. Don't expect to without a lot of mining and luck.
* While we're on this subject, the Oban system, where you start, has one local neighbor: The Edaum system, which is forty years away. There's no light speed drive, no FTL, no hyperspace. The current year section of the chronometer has a ten thousands digit for a reason.
* Combat is hard. The manual recommends practicing combat with no less than two Dirks. You know, the shoddy sub-par laser cannon that you can't build any of until your crew smartens up? Those Dirks?
* Oh, and I forgot to mention: Your crew can go insane. If they do, hope you saved backups of their personalities in the EgoSynth. Unless you want your Engineer to destroy everything in your cargo hold, of course...

On the plus side, the overall presentation of the game is great, and the plot's cool. Not to mention the famous "Get 12 million kilometers away from the enemy ships so they auto-self-destruct and I can salvage them" bug. But... God, IronSeed is Nintendo hard in the beginning.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, '08, 5:24 am 
Everytime something foolish happens and one of your units die and you have to start all over again on Fire Emblem... But not what I want to talk about >.> lol

I'm going to go with the original Tales of Destiny. Its a frustrating moment, but at the same time its a funny one to. A little while after the beginning of the game you team up with two Len's Hunters Rutee and Mary. At one part of the game not very far after you will be engaged in a series of battles with soldiers. And at the end of the series of battles you'll come face to face with Lion Magnus(Leon Magnus). The battle is impossible to beat because Lion is way stronger then your party, who's average levels would be around 8-11. So anyways Lion defeats you and the story advances on as normal.. But.. we all wonder in some occasions what happens when you win a unbeatable battle.

Example: Such as if you cheat and defeat Zio on PSIV the first time you encounter him. Even if he dies the game continues on.

But in Tales of Destiny even though Lion is stronger then you it is possible to win the fight. Mainly by either stocking up on a strong attacking item or by gaining extremely high levels you can win this fight. Well anyways, you'd think if you win this fight you'll get some experience and the game will just play out as if you lost anyways and advance.. If you are thinking that.. then you are 100% "WRONG"

By beating Lion at that point the creators of the game thought it be funny to add in a cheap ending for those who put in a lot of effort to beat their most popular character. With Lion defeated Stan (Stahn) Rutee and Mary are known to have become the worlds most famous Len's Hunters. Thus the game ends at that point and all your left with is a sence of confusion and anger that for all your hard work you end up with nothing but a cheap joke made my the creators of the game.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, '08, 7:45 am 
Kaloes wrote:Everytime something foolish happens and one of your units die and you have to start all over again on Fire Emblem... But not what I want to talk about >.> lol

That reminds me of another frustrating thing about Fire Emblem. I hate those battles that have recruitable characters who only show up after a certain number of turns, but you can easily clear the field before that. I missed three or four people in one game from that.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, '08, 1:38 pm 
Yesterday, I managed to clear the 15-minute brawl, but I really should have kept track of how many times I died due to a sudden explosion. I can seriously only remember two attempts where I failed because of something other than a bomb (I'm sure there are more, though). I know that one was one of those alloys scoring a good hit on me that killed me and once I lost track of myself and started using Pit's recovery move a second too late, and since it takes a brief period of time for him to start flying when he has downward momentum, I died. Though I'm kind of glad I failed so many times, I really got to hone my dodging skills and I picked up four or five CDs for my roommate. But the boss battles is still giving me trouble with that same freaking move. :fiery:

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, '08, 7:23 pm 
The most frustrating moment I've ever had in any video game is when I accidentally save over or accidentally delete one of my save files. :x

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, '08, 5:40 am 
Lemina wrote:The most frustrating moment I've ever had in any video game is when I accidentally save over or accidentally delete one of my save files. :x

Or even better, when memory card failure annihilates your hard-earned progress! (Has bitter memories of third-party memory card destroying ten hours' worth of Final Fantasy X progress. I JUST GOT AURON TOO)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, '08, 7:46 am 
Just be lucky it was just 10 hours. XD, We've got a FFX game running that hit the maximum time limit(which serves absolutely no purpose) ages ago. XD

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