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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '08, 6:18 pm
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Chapter Two

The Only Choice

The snow covered fields of Dezolis were hard to navigate during the afternoons. Nightime was about to fall over the land and I was nowhere near finding my brothers location. I ran through the valley that lead away from the mansion, trying to see if I could find just a small glimpse of my brothers magical energy out there. "Where could he be?" I thought, knowing somehow deep inside myself he could not have gotten farther than the end of the valley.

There was only a few hours left before night would come, and the Owl Talons would leave their nests searching for food. "He's somewhere around here, I just know it." I mumbled to myself, which wasn't good actually. I do that quite alot and probably shouldn't. Grabbing ahold of the grip of my slasher I quickly unsheathed it and slung it quickly behind me. The sound of a beast was heard as my slasher returned, noticing I had struck a Red Mole that was trying to sneak up on me.

"Even though Garuberk Tower is gone they still seem as vicious as ever." I thought. The end of the valley was approaching and I had not found any sight of my brother anywhere. "Could he really be gone?" I said, as I noticed the final bit of sunlight drop below the horizon. "Great, just great. Now I got to worry about those birds." Placing my hand on my forhead I said with a slight sigh. At that moment I felt it, a slight pulse pass through my body. *Gasp* "It couldn't.." I said.

Glancing to my right I barely noticed the cliff of the valley in the dark. "He's up there somewhere, I just know it." I thought. Bracing myself I ran over to the cliff, placing my hand on a small ledge I began my climb up the large cliff. The sounds of the Owl Talons could be heard as they were feasting on the remains of their prey in the distance. I had to be quiet and use almost stealth like skills while climbing, or I would be dinner for them.

"Not good!" I yelled, my voice echoing through the valley as I fell from the cliff. The rock I had placed my hand gave way and caused me to fall a short way before coming to a crash on a small ledge. "Ow ow ow!" Was all that I could say as I grabbed ahold of my arm. I tried moving it around, just to make sure it was not broken. "Whew thats good, I'd be in trouble if it was..." I said just as I felt a swoop around me. Quickly grabbing ahold of my slasher and turning I began climbing the hillside once again.

Climbing with great haste I just knew the Owl Talons were getting ready to attack their prey. And that prey, was me. I could hear the sounds of wings flapping coming from behind me as I climbed. It was to dark to see anything, so fighting on the cliff would be nothing more then suicide right now. Continuing my climb I heard the screech of the beast coming from behind me. With one hand firmly grasped ahold of the cliff I quickly turned to my side, dodging the beast.

"HYAH!!" I yelled as I slashed downward, my weapon slashing through the beak off the monster. It began to fall to the bottom of the cliff as I looked down a flock of Owl Talons charged towards the fallen beast in hopes for a meal. Finally my climb came to a end about a hour later. Pulling myself onto the ledge I faintly, but surely noticed a small cave in front of me. I walked inside, not able to see a thing I knelt down, looking for anything I could light. "Please let this be a stick." I said as I picked something up in the darkness.

Casting a small foi technique towards the object it revealed that my assumptions were right. The object I had picked up was definetely a stick. "I wonder how far this cave goes?" Asking myself I walked inwards, hoping there would be a small sign of my brother. "Trey!" Was all that I yelled as I noticed him, laying in the far end of the cave, unconcious. Running to his side I tried waking him, but my efforts were no use. "He's still breathing, but why won't he wake up?" I thought.

His body was freezing, I had to warm him up or else he would freeze to death. Noticing there was what appeared to be sticks lying everywhere I gathered them all up and blasted them with a Foi tech, creating a small campfire. "Medice" I chanted as I laid my brother in front of the fire. His body temperature began to return to normal, but there were many hours left of darkness outside before the sun would rise. I continued to chant Medice on him, all the while keeping the fire going.

"What can I do? What should I do?" These things passed through my mind as morning began to approach. A faint light could be seen from the far end of the cave as the sun rose over the horizon, creating a glimmer of light throughout the cave. Picking my brother up I wrapped his arms around my neck, placing my arms underneath both of his legs I carried him out of the cave. In the distance I noticed a small light falling towards the ground.

"Thats in the direction of Tyler. Chaz must be returning." I said to myself. Turning my head slightly I noticed my brothers pale face. I was about to have to make the hardest decision a sister would ever have to. "I have to take you to Motavia, and leave you there, forever." I said. It was the only decision I could think of, if I returned to the mansion he would only follow me again when he woke. "I'll have to you (That) skill, so you can have a decent life, without the worries of this place." I whispered.

Placing my hand inside my pocket I pulled out a telepipe. Since I did not know Ryuka I had to rely on this item to take us to our destination. Playing the song of teleportation our bodies began to vanish, the telepipe turned into light shards and floated into the sky. Looking at them as they floated upwards I thought to myself. "I'm making the right decision right? Please Mother, watch over Trey as he begins his life anew, away from this frozen planet we call home." Our bodies vanished from the cliffside, the song of teleportation would send us at the gates of Tyler, where I would await my fellow comrades and friends for our journey to Motavia.

Chapter Two End
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