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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, '07, 1:33 am
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Chapter One

You Cannot Be Gone

It was a day like any other on Dezolis. The sky was blue, the snow covered the land as I gazed on at the clouds from the garden. "How long has it been?" I thought to myself. The clouds in the sky reminded me of times gone by. A time before I began my journey many years ago. They reminded me of my little brother. Let me begin by telling a story, a story of when I had to give up my young brother. Many years ago I was just a eightteen year old girl, who's foolishness almost got myself killed. But with the help of some friends I was able to emerge victorious and save our planet from the great disaster.

"Yes! We did it!" I shouted with excitement. After our long battle against the being known as Dark Force atop the Garuberk Tower the dark clouds disappeared from the sky and finally ended the blizzard that swept across the planet. "So, I guess this is goodbye huh Kyra?" Chaz asked me, standing there battered and bruised from our fight. His clothes were ripped but he didn't mind, he just smiled at me. "Yea, I'm going to head back to Esper Mansion for awhile. I need to see if everyones alright." I explained, only thinking about my brother at the time.

With that said we parted ways. I watched as my new friends drove away in the ice digger, following the path they had made previously in the snow fields. Glancing up at the blue of the sky that had been hidden for so long I felt a little at ease on my way back to the mansion. I made my way through the canyon, passing by Meese. The town was full of happiness once more, the townspeople had finally been cured of the disease spread by the Garuberk Tower. The children were at play outside with the Dezo Penguins, the adults waved at me as I passed by, cheering with appreciation.

It was kind of embarassing now that I think back on it. I never really wanted any praise for my actions, just knowing that I was able to help was good enough. With a smile on my face and a wave I passed through Meese and continued on towards the mansion. Marching on I made my way towards the canyon that would eventually lead to the pathway to Esper Mansion. "Whats that?" Thinking to myself as I heard a noise from behind. Quickly I grabbed ahold of one of my slashers. With one quick turn I pointed my slasher straight, only to face nothing. "Huh? I must be hearing things." I thought to myself.

Tiny footsteps were heard in the snow, glancing down a tiny baby musk cat was following behind me. "Miew" It cried glancing up at me with those big blue eyes. Kneeling down I placed my hand on its head, scratching behind its ear with my finger. "Aren't you a cutie. Are you lost?" I asked, knowing the little thing could not answer. It began purring and rubbing against my arm while letting out another little cry. "You wanna come home with me?" I asked, the little musk cat continually rubbing against my arm. I picked it up, placing it on my shoulder.

"You're an affectionate one aren't you?" Saying with a giggle as the kitten licked my cheek. Deciding to take the kitten home with me I walked towards the path of the Mansion, continuously petting the cat. "I think I'll name you Meis. You like that? I said, and with a purr and a rub against my head I had named the kitten Meis. "Welcome back Kyra." Diel said, standing guard at the entrance. I waved as I slowly approached the entrance of the mansion. "Glad to be back Diel. Anything new happen while I was gone?" Asking with a sarcastic tone in my voice.

With a slight shake of the head he stepped aside. "The old man said when you arrive to immediately see him." He said, not giving any extra detail into why the old man wanted to see me. Glancing at him with a concerned look as I passed by I entered the mansion, where Florina, a childhood friend of mine waited. Her robes resembled mine in so many ways, with the only difference that she was not wearing body armor as I was. "Hey Florina, I have some business to take care of. Can you take Meis to my room for me? Please and thanks." Handing her Meis I said as I sprinted quickly towards the garden of the mansion.

"But... Oh why do you always do this Kyra." I heard her say angrily as I sprinted down the hallways. I looked around, noticing my brother had not come to greet me upon my arrival. It seemed so strange at the time. Coming to the main hallway I noticed the old man standing underneath the statue of Lutz, glancing up at it with such seriousness. "Hey old man, have you seen Trey anywhere?" Asking quite rudely he turned his attention to me. It seemed like there was sadness in his eyes when I mentioned my brothers name. "Kyra.. Its hard to explain.. But it seems your brother is no longer in this world." He said to me.

Making a slight chuckle it seemed like he was making a joke. "Come on old man, quit kidding." I said. Shaking his head slightly he placed his hand on my shoulder. "We sent out search parties after you left. It seemed he followed you into the blizzard, and now we felt the last bit of his magical energy fade away a few hours ago." He said sadly. Placing one hand on his arm and the with the other I gripped his robes, slamming him against the statue. "This isn't funny old man. How do you know he's gone? Is there a body anywhere?" My voice echoed through the hallways.

He just looked at me with such seriousness in his eyes. It couldn't be true, my brother could not be gone. Releasing my grip on him I turned and began running down the hallway. "Kyra come back, theres no point in searching." His voiced echoed in the hall, not paying him no attention I continued running. Running past every single person in the mansion with great haste I made my way back out to the fields, glancing around in any and every direction. "You're not gone. I know you're not gone. I'm coming." Yelling out into the field. My heart was pounding as I ran through the fields, hoping to find some sign of my brother out in the Dezolian fields.

Chapter One End
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