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 Post subject: Free Fries-Burger King
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, '11, 2:26 am 
Just a reminder that Friday, Dec. 16th, (tomorrow) is the day that Burger King will be having free fries to help promote their new fries and the changes they have made to them.

To find out more on the free fry deal at Burger King, read the article below, and as always check with your local restaurants to see if they are participating in this current promotion, or not. ... dChannel=0

And, if you get to try the free fries...let us know what you think of them!!!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, '11, 6:24 pm 
Well, I stopped by a shop and got some of the fries since I was in the neighborhood yesterday. I think they're an improvement over the old ones, but keep in mind I haven't had the old BK fries in years and never really liked them anyway.

The new fries are rather thick. I'd say probably double the thickness of McDonald's fries, but not as long as the competition's. That could be just due to getting a small portion, though. The taste was okay, but muted by a heavy application of salt. I was tasting more salt than french fry.

Overall, I'd be more willing to buy the new BK fries than the old ones. But even so, I'm hesitant to get any more because of the salt.

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