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 Post subject: Fox/Cablevision feud
PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, '10, 7:07 pm 
Fox and Cablevision are involved in a feud of sorts which has the television viewer being the real loser in the whole dispute, you might say, since some televison programs will be interrupted or non watchable: ... ?gt1=43001

That would really tick me off if my fave team was playing in the baseball play-offs and I couldn't see them because of something like this. :evil:

Maybe they will get this issue solved before too many fans miss too many favorite tv programs. :(

 Post subject: Re: Fox/Cablevision feud
PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, '10, 1:25 am 
The guy at the end of the article had it wrong. What can the consumer do? Take your business elsewhere, that's what. If enough people did so, one of these companies would have to change their strategy.

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