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PostPosted: Mon Mar 7, '11, 2:34 am
I have been a merchant for many years now. I have sailed the calm seas os Julus and Itys and survived the stormy seas around the mysterious continent of Aereos, where the evil Lord Terarin resides. I am now back on Eratos, though, making my journey from Doris to Torif, the two major cities of that continent. I have to deliver some powerful swords and sturdy steel shields to Torif. I pray that no harm befalls me along the way.

Once in a while, I meet up with the hero and his party. I used to come across him journeying with all three of his destined companions: the powerful Guy, the Amazonian beauty Medi, and the axe-wielding pirate Treo. Sometimes. In the beginning, the hero would recognize me as that traveler from Oruk who had first helped him, early on in his quest. Back then, we would talk and, whenever I knew where exactly in the game he was, I would give him the appropriate “tips” and he’d reward me with some fangs or meseta as a show of good will.

That doesn’t happen anymore. Years ago, I met him again, but that time he was only travelling with Medi and Guy. He didn’t remember having met me before. To be honest, nobody seemed to remember his having defeated Terarin years before, so I assume that the game had simply resetted. As always, I graciously would give him and his compatriots information whenever they asked for it. They wouldn’t give me favors like the other hero, but at least would thank me sincerely.

I haven’t met up with him in a while though. I think the game has since resetted again, since the people of Doris were beginning to fret about the armies of Terarin yet again. He’s probably back in Oruk still trying to kill animals so that he can have enough fangs to get the Iris’ Axe again. That’s okay. When I meet up with him again, I’ll be sure to help him. I know he’ll need it. Maybe I’ll even stop by the forests of Arukas to find some Liphants, those bipedal elephant monsters that carry the Sacred Nuts, the Miracle Warriors equivalent to a hand grenade. Then I can give him those and help him even more than simply just giving him information. Yeah, I’ll do that.

I’m sad to say that I haven’t met up with anybody from my own world yet. I took up the job as a merchant because I knew that I’d not only be able to move around freely around this world, and thus cover a wider area, but because I’d be able to rack up a wealth of good stories to tell my fellow MW fans when I met them. So far, nothing. I feel discouraged, but I haven’t completely thrown in the towel. After all, even though I’m on the third repetition of the game—I think—I reason to myself that time here passes more quickly than in my world. By that logic, three or four repetitions of the game may only translate to a year or two in my old world.

I often think about Lacey during my journeyings. I miss her dearly. She must be about eleven or twelve now. I smile when I think about how beautiful she must be now as a young lady. I wonder if she has been playing Miracle Warriors. I wonder if she remembers me at all. Surely she does. She’s still my neighbor, after all. Or is she? Has she moved away? Has my family moved away? I hope that hasn’t happened. As long as she lives close to my family, she should never forget me. Nonetheless, if she’s only twelve, she still has a long life ahead of her.

Waiting for Lacey isn’t a problem. I know that I’ll be here for a long time. I just yearn for the chance to talk to someone from my own world. I want to talk about anything, even banal stuff like Burger King or something, and have the other person nod his or her head in comprehension. Is that really too much to ask? I know I shouldn’t complain too much. The people here are very nice, save the evil merchants and black monks, and the monsters, of course. But the townspeople are very nice. A lot of the young girls in the port cities have declared their love for me and said they’d wait forever for me. I try to stay true to Lacey, however. I know that my love for her will last an eternity; the girls from the cities here will forget about me as soon as the game starts over again.

I feel lonely, despite always having a wealth of people to talk to. I feel like a stranger here, despite the fact that people in four different continents—I haven’t been to Aereos since the last reset—know who I am. They call me the “funny-talking merchant”, since I never speak in Archaic terms. I hold out on the hope that one day, I’ll meet up with the kind soul of someone who called Miracle Warriors his favorite game. If that first special companion happens to be Lacey, so much more the better.

But until then, I must keep wandering around the world, meeting people, visiting cities, talking to random travelers, and helping the hero on his quest. It is my duty. It is my destiny.
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