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 Post subject: Baggage Vendor
PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '08, 8:11 am 
When Rolf and his companions acquired too mcuh stuff to carry around with them, they often left extra items in the care of this sharply dressed fellow. He worked as a clerk in the Paseo Central Tower's baggage room. Who do you think that woman in the background is? Perhaps Shir is rummaging through people's baggage in disguise!


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '08, 9:29 am 
To bad this guy got put out of business by the time Generations II came out

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '08, 6:56 pm 
(Rolf's house)

Rolf: What? Shir is missing?
Nei: Oh, no... not again. Don't worry, Rolf, we'll find her. ^_^
Anna: *sigh* She does this every time... Rolf, we can't take that friend of yours anywhere.
Rolf: I'm sure she just went back home, Anna. Just like the last thirty times.
(They head back to Rolf's house.)
Shir: (wearing her Baggage Room disguise) Heya, Rolf! You'll never believe this! Some Lutz guy dropped off a Visiphone, twenty Trimates, ten Lunar Dews, ten Star Mists, a Laconia Sword, two Laser Claws, a Laser Cannon, two Fire Staves, four Laconia Maces, two Laconia Slashers, two Laconia Daggers, a Laconia Chestplate, two Laconia Armors, a Laconia Cape, two Crystal Capes, a Ceramic Chestplate, a Fiberglass Vest, a Laconia Headgear, three Laconia Helmets, a Jeweled Ribbon, a Snow Crown, a Rainbow Bandanna, a Wind Bandanna, four pairs of Guarda Boots, a pair of Knife Boots, a pair of Hirza Boots, and two pairs of Shunera Boots- all our size! Is that absurdly convienent or what!?
Rolf: ......
Nei: .....Coooool!
Anna: You were gone for four minutes...
Shir: I'm that good! ^_^

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '08, 6:07 am 
Does this guy come in handy? I didn't play very much anywhere so I thought he would be near useless.

 Post subject: Re: Baggage Vendor
PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, '17, 10:03 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Interesting profession for this video game. And, who is that in the background?

 Post subject: Re: Baggage Vendor
PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, '17, 12:46 pm 
Ah ! I've always love this guy ! :) Even if this option, to keep baggage and Luggage isn't so much useful, I love to go there... and have a Visiphone after ! ;)

About the lady in the back, I don't know... a people who assists the baggage vendor ?

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