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 Post subject: Monopoly Championships
PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, '09, 9:34 pm 
Yikes, some guy won over $20,000.00 playing Monopoly: ... ?GT1=43001

I love Monopoly, but don't get to play much. I almost always lose though, lol.

Speaking of Monopoly, anyone else here like to play the game? There are so many versions out these days that it seems to never get old. I heard the other day that now there is a version called " Monopoly City" with skyscapers and everything....Wow, I'd like to play that one. :happy_marle:

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, '09, 3:42 am 
I saw that City thing the other day on TV. It looks interesting, but also like it would be hard to see where your piece on the board is located. Sometimes I lose track of it in the normal game. I imagine it would happen more often with taller vertical obstructions blocking the view of the board.

On the championship... well, I just want to know how to get into that! I'd love to take a stab at the next one.

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