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 Post subject: National Ice Cream Day
PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 5:38 pm 
In the US, tomorrow (July 18) is National Ice Cream Day. Now this is a holiday I don't mind celebrating at all. ;)

According to CNN, Baskin-Robbins' idea of celebrating National Ice Cream Day is retiring five of their famous selection of 31 flavors. One of them, French Vanilla, has been offered for 45 years. Supposedly new flavors are going to replace those retired, but there's been no word on what the new ones will be yet.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, '10, 3:02 am 
Goody, a day especially for eating ice cream! :happy_marle:

I will be very happy to participate and honor this day by eating all the ice cream I can. :lol: :yes: :wink:

French Vanilla is so popular that I find it hard to believe they are retiring that flavor, but maybe they have something better. Who knows!

I read that the other flavors they are retiring besides French Vanilla are ... Superfudge Truffle, Apple Pie a la Mode, Caramel Praline Cheesecake, and Campfire S'mores.

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