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 Post subject: Food Rationing
PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, '08, 9:00 am 
This story was a shocker to read! I find it very surprising with all the surplus of food today (especially in the US) that some people would consider rationing food supplies, etc. However, when people are buying so much of it at one time, I guess I can see why. ... sket-world

I wonder if this is a trend to come! If so, it is kind of scary to think we may one day be rationing out everyday food items, etc. It seems like something that may have happened in the past, not something for this modern day and time.

Any comments or Opinions on this story?

And, have you or your family ever "stockpiled" on food supplies of any type at any time, or even considered doing so?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, '08, 11:20 pm 
we sometimes buy extra food and put it in the freezer but not that much extra really. i wouldn't call it going to extremes or anything like that.

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