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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, '10, 10:55 pm
With Flynn's trial fast approaching, it's time you all learned how he ended up in prison the first time. You'll also learn more about his relationship with Claire (I think, maybe not) and how he came to joining the military and ultimately ended up in the office of General Freeman.


The interior of the transport was quiet except for the sounds of its movement. He looked around at the other faces, not recognising any of them. All of them were soldiers, just like he was, that much he knew. It had been just under an hour since he had been told to get himself ready to leave, though he wasn’t told where he was going or why.

It was 1288 AW and the Goragan Crisis was in full swing. Sergeant Flynn A. Zedek had been serving with the Motavian military for 12 long years. 12 years and he was already a Sergeant. Most soldiers didn’t make Corporal until 10 years of service, but Flynn had proven to be an exemplary soldier; cool under fire, resourceful, along with a firm understanding of battle tactics and a proven ability to lead men in combat. All this led to him being promoted to Sergeant after 10 years. Everyone assumed he simply had a knack for this stuff, but none knew what it was that truly drove him.

He looked down at the helmet that lay in his lap. It was designed to fully cover the head with a clear fixed visor at the front that allowed him to see. A couple of the others soldiers already had theirs on and he could see the looks of uncertainty in their eyes. Never before had he been in a situation like this since his first day of basic training. In a transport with a bunch of strangers, no idea where he was going or why.

“Clearly I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on here.”

A soldier seated to his left nudged him and leaned over to speak to him. “Do you have any idea where we’re going ummmm…?”
“Sergeant Zedek.” Flynn returned. “And no, I’ve no idea what’s going on either. I didn’t catch your name.”

“Sergeant Thompson.” The solider smiled and extended a hand towards Flynn and they shook. “So it looks like we’re both one and the same. I wonder who was responsible for this.”

Another voice, a solider sitting opposite Flynn, spoke up. “Two Sergeants? What the hell? What do we need two Sergeants at a riot for?”

Flynn looked over at the other solider. “A riot? So this is why we’re going? Shouldn’t this be something for the law enforcement guys to take care of?”

“That’s what I thought.” The solider replied. “Apparently it’s not even a violent riot either. It’s just about medical supplies. But it seems someone has decided to do a show of force in order to try and stop it. That’s probably why we’ve been drafted for this, because nobody would want to do it in the first place.”
“Makes sense. But I don’t see how…” Flynn’s voice trailed off as the transport stopped and the rear hatch opened. Another solider, most likely an officer, shouting for them.

“Helmets on and get out. Move it!” Flynn hastily put his helmet on and took his weapon, following the others out of the transport. Ahead of him he could see a barrier that had been placed in the street. Further down the street he could see a crowd of civilians standing in place, chanting and shouting angrily at them, uninterested that they were regular soldiers rather than the special law enforcement troops. He could hear the officer shouting orders to them to line up behind the barrier. “Your orders are to contain this riot and stop it getting out of control. Take positions behind the barrier there.”

Two hours passed and the riot remained under control. Nothing had happened since they had arrived except that it had started to rain. Flynn flexed his fingers on the grip of his weapon, the rain pattering on the top of his helmet and running down his visor distorting his view of the still peaceful rioters. “What the hell are we even doing here? These people pose no threat to anyone.”

He sighed quietly, aware that the officer in charge was walking past at that moment, thankful for the helmet that covered all but his eyes. He went on without a word. One of the soldiers standing next to him spoke without turning his head. “You ok?”

Flynn replied. “Yeah I’m fine. It’s just…” he stopped to listen for the officer coming back and continued. “It’s just…why are we here? In the twelve years I’ve served I’ve never been in such a bizarre situation. I’ve fought in some horrible situations before and seen how things can go bad, but regular soldiers drafted to contain a relatively peaceful riot? It never used to be this way. Who ordered this?”

The other soldier spoke back. “Yeah I know what you mean. I never had a reason for joining up myself, but still, it makes you wonder why you joined in the first place doesn’t it?”

Flynn nodded to himself. He remembered why. Allowing his mind to wander for a moment he remembered the day things changed.

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