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Arriving at the right deck Flynn motioned the others to keep quiet while he slowly opened the hatch just enough to hear what was going on in the corridor. Satisfied, he opened it all the way and they stepped into the corridor with the others behind him.
The air was thinner here, emergency lighting allowing him to see just barely.

“Infrared on everybody. Remember, keep it quiet. We want to avoid fighting if possible. Rika, where’s the array located?” He activated the infrared mode on his visor and the corridor became a lot clearer to him. He heard the others following suit.

“It’s just a bit further ahead.” She pointed down the corridor.

“Alright, let’s go.”

They made their way to the room that contained the array, now retracted for maintenance purposes, and opened the door. Seeing nobody was inside already, they made their way in and shut the door before Rika sealed it shut with her device. Flynn scanned the room.

“Ok, we should be fine in here for a while. Let’s get this thing fixed already."

The technicians had already begun examining the array to determine the damage caused while Rika removed a more sophisticated device from her belt and attached it to the array before activating her wrist-mounted device, a curious expression on her face as she checked the screen. One of the technicians approached Flynn as he watched.

“Sergeant, we’ve taken a look at the array. Thankfully it’s all in one piece; however some of the electricals have been damaged so we’ll need to try and either patch it or find a way to bypass it so it’ll work. We’re going to need some time, but we’re not sure how much.”

Rika spoke before they could go further, having overheard them, but didn’t look up from her device. “Already working on it. Finding a way around things is my specialty after all.” She paused, her fingers flying over the keypad on her device. “And…got it. Alright.”

The technicians joined her as she delivered the results of her scan, showing them where to make the bypass. Flynn motioned for the soldiers to take up position by the door. “Keep your ears pinned back for anything coming this way.” He looked back at the technicians and Rika. “How much time do you need?”

“We should be done in five minutes tops, Sergeant.”

“Alright. Keep me posted.”

Flynn left them to their task and looked around the room. It was mostly used a room for storing tools and other equipment. If the technicians didn’t have what they needed with them they’d probably find it here.
He went over to a wall near the door and leaned against it, suddenly aware of the fatigue and weariness of the day’s experiences.
“What happened back there? How could I have forgotten?”
He found himself feeling isolated, as if the others in the room were something other than normal. Or was it the other way around? He couldn’t tell. He bowed his head and allowed his mind to drift.

But before long his radio activated and he heard the voice of Captain Ashley.
“Sergeant Zedek, Ashley here. I’ve got some good news for you.”

Flynn reached for the radio button on his helmet and switched it on. “Go ahead.”

“Our ships have completed evacuation of the Excellion. The Captain informs us that they managed to contact command and call for reinforcements before the crash occurred.”

Flynn approached the door to the room, seeing the soldiers standing guard were listening for something. He lowered his voice. “Understood. Advising radio silence, Sir. We might have company here.”

“Copy that Sergeant. Keep us posted on the repairs. Out.”

Flynn addressed one of the soldiers, but was hushed. One pointed to the door and Flynn listened, hearing what sounded like footsteps outside. They stopped. He readied his weapon and the others followed suit. A tense moment passed before they started again and began to fade. He waited until he was sure whoever was outside was gone. He opened the door and peered into the corridor, activating his infrared for a better view. Scanning the corridor in both directions, he could make out a Cast walking away from them down the hallway.

“Just one. They must be combing the ship for survivors. It’s a miracle it didn’t check in here.”

He stepped back inside and shut the door, locking it, before calling Ashley again. “Sir, Sergeant Zedek here. It looks like the Cast have split up to comb the ship for anyone still on-board. I advise against leaving the bridge.”

“Copy that Zedek. What’s the status of the repair work?”

“Stand by.” Flynn turned to Rika and the technicians. “How’s it going?”

“We’re almost finished Sergeant. Just a couple more minutes.”

Flynn acknowledged them and turned to face the door as he spoke. “Captain, repairs are almost complete. Will advise on completion. Over.”

Just then he saw one of the soldiers motioning to the door again. More footsteps could be heard. They passed by like before. Ashley spoke again. “Understood Sergeant. Out.”

Rika chimed in again. “You’ll be glad to know repairs are complete Sergeant. All we have to do now is raise the array back into position start the re-activation sequence and power it up. It’s automatic, so once we’ve started powering it we can leave.”

Flynn smiled, relieved something had finally worked as promised. “Alright Rika. I don’t care how; just make sure that array gets outside.” He watched her and the technicians begin the process and keyed his radio. “Captain, array repairs are complete. We’re about to send it outside again and get it powered up. We’ll be on our way back to the bridge once we’re done. Over.”

“Excellent work Sergeant. We’ll be monitoring its status from here. Out.”

His attention was taken by one of the soldiers again. More footsteps could be heard. They stopped at the door again and Flynn tensed up. “Third time’s the charm. Let’s hope not, this time.”

His hopes were dashed when he heard the door being tried, the lock bleeping in denial. Everyone in the room froze. Flynn turned to look at Rika and the others. The array had already been sent on its way out and they were waiting to start it up. The door sounded again, still locked.
A nearby console beeped in readiness. The array was ready and waiting activation. One of the technicians began working on it immediately. The sound from the console must have stirred up the Cast outside, for the door sounded again and again.

“Crap.” Flynn breathed in anticipation. “Alright guys, our cover’s blown. Get ready.” He motioned to the soldiers who took up firing position on either side of him. Rika joined them, her pistol drawn. “Rika, get another Deban shield up.”

She complied and managed to successfully cast the technique, a barrier forming around them. She drew her pistol an aimed at the door. The technicians, their task now complete, came up behind them. It’s started powering up Sergeant.”

“Right.” Flynn keyed his radio. “Captain, Zedek here. Array is powering up but we’ve got a Cast on our doorstep now. We’ll be there ASAP. Out.”

The door lock stopped beeping. The Cast had apparently given up, but everyone knew what was coming by now.
A thumping sounded on the other side now and the door could be seen shaking in place. The assault intensified and a dent could be seen forming in the metal. “What in Algo is it doing?”
There was a long pause before a louder bang sounded. Finally, another blow struck the door and everyone could see a cybernetic arm thrust through the gap. It froze in place for a moment before taking hold of the door. It jerked as it pulled on it and everyone could see the door beginning to buckle in place. “It’s trying to pull the door off. What the heck?”

They didn’t have to wait long either. The door almost seemed to fold in on itself as it was torn free of its holdings and thrown aside. The Cast looked at them; no emotions seemed to cross its face as it assessed the situation and raised its weapon.
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