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First of all, apologies for the large size. For your information, this is 2/3 compelte. I'm holding off part 3 until I'm sure it's OK and Aero has proofread it. Keep and eye out for it. Meanwhile, please enjoy parts 1 and 2! :D


1287 AW. MotherBrain had been overthrown four years ago. Soon after this, deserters from the Mota military joined forces with Palm deserters and formed a fleet of pirates that were wreaking havoc in Algo.
General Freeman and Palm started a joint effort to fight back against them and after four years the fighting was almost over. The fleet of pirates was weak and splintered and now it was simply a matter of hunting each splinter fleet down and exterminating them. Such an event was about to occur.
Led by the DSS Excellion, a fleet of 4 ships from Mota was to subdue and if necessary, wipe out such a fleet.

DSS Excellion – Briefing Room – 2 hours to strike

Flynn entered the briefing room and was glad to see he wasn’t late. The room was empty except for the other two soldiers in there already, Lieutenant Matiel and Sergeant Merrick. He waved to them both as he took a seat behind the Lieutenant and leaned forward to speak to him.

“How many more of these things do we have to do? We already know how it’s going to go and I haven’t even had time to fully brief my own squad yet with all this running around.”

Matiel turned around in his seat to face him. “I know, I know. But the Captain insists we do this so we’re all on the same page.”

“But it’s stupid. I know he’s got one of the more important roles in this mission, but my squad are getting fed up not knowing exactly what they’re going into. I’ve barely had time to give them the gist of the plan. I…” he was cut short by the sound of the briefing room door opening. An officer of Palm origin hurriedly entered.

The Lieutenant spoke first. “Good of you to join us, Captain Ashley.”

The Captain adjusted his clothing and fixed his hair. Clearly he had been in a rush to get there. “Alright Lieutenant. Lay off will you? I know you’re all as fed up of hearing the same briefing as I am of telling it, but the higher ups insist we do this again to be on the safe side.

The Captain paused to fix his uniform before continuing. “Alright, so here’s the deal. We’re approaching a fleet of 5 pirate vessels as we speak. It’s the usual mix of Palm and Mota types. Last recon shows three Palm ships and two Mota ships. The Palm ships are comprised of Dominion and Archon class while the Mota part of the fleet consists of a mix of one Supernova and one Nova class ship. And given how our entire fleet here is composed of two Supernovas and two Novas, we should be able to keep them at bay.”

“For a time, anyway.” Sergeant Merrick chipped in from the back of the room. “And let’s not forget that the capital ship they have there is also from Mota. It easily matches any of our ships here.”
Sergeant Merrick was a grizzled veteran with twenty-one years of service under his belt. He was a man of action and always preferred to be in the thick of things, hence why he had chosen to stay as a Sergeant where he could lead and still fight. Flynn sensed some dislike from the Sergeant toward him, but given how Merrick had been given a less involving role in the mission, he could understand.

Captain Ashley spoke again. “Yes. This is why we are to focus on capturing that ship. A job that, need I remind you Sergeant Merrick, is where your squad comes in.”

Merrick grumbled to himself. “Some squad I have. Bloody technicians can’t fight.”

The Captain paused at the interruption before continuing. “Ok, so here’s how it’s going to go down. We’ll launch a three-pronged assault against the capital ship. Our aim is to capture it and either disable it or turn it against the enemy ships. Destruction will only happen if all other options fail.” He paused before continuing.

“Sergeant Zedek. Your squad are to board the ship using breaching pods. We will be launching multiple pods but only one will contain your squad. The rest are decoys, whose life signs sensors will be altered to show troops being carried inside. These will land across the ship, hopefully causing them to spread their numbers thin and save the rest of us getting caught in a large gunfight.
You will be launched into the mid-section of the ship into one of the arterial passages where you are to set up a defensive position and break into the computer network where you’ll shut down their shields, teleport inhibitors and teleporters. A specialist has been assigned to you. I’ll have them introduced to you before the mission starts.
This move is intended to prevent reinforcements from getting anywhere fast as well as create a distraction and allow the rest of us to get on-board. However, you’ll only get one chance at this. If they suspect foul play they’ll lock everything down and nobody will be going anywhere.
Once your objective is complete you are to proceed to the bridge and assist in defending it. Once they realise this was a feint it’ll be the first place they go.”
He paused to allow the information to sink in. If Flynn showed any doubts about his role, he didn’t show it. Ashley continued.

“However, if they find out where the hack took place they’ll be sure to send a lot of troops your way leaving vital areas such as engineering and the bridge under-defended. This will buy both myself and Matiel some extra time to act.
After your squad is in place and we can confirm your success, both my squad and the Lieutenants’ will enter by teleportation. I will be leading the assault on the bridge while the Lieutenant will capture the engineering section. While my squad captures the bridge it will be your job, Lieutenant, to secure the engine room and disable the engines to prevent them going anywhere. You are also to setup explosives should we have to destroy the ship.
Once we can confirm everyone is in place and has accomplished their goals, Sergeant Merrick will teleport to the bridge with a group of technicians.”

They heard Merrick grunt in annoyance at the back of the room.

The captain continued. “The technicians are there to take control of the bridge in case it gets locked down. Their main purpose, however, is to spread a virus to the other ships through the communication network and effectively shut them down. Should this fail, we are to turn the ship on the rest of the pirate fleet and destroy it with the help of our own ships. If resistance proves too great we are to detonate the explosives and clear out of the ship before it is destroyed.” He allowed the information to sink in, though he’d no doubt it already had after the first briefing!
“Either way, the threat they represent here will be removed. Are there any questions?” He paused and scanned the faces of the others. “No. Ok then, dismissed. We strike in two hours. Go and get your people ready.”

Flynn let out a sigh. “Finally. I was beginning to wonder if we were even going or not. I got to go brief my lot on what’s going on. I’ll see you guys later.” He got up and left the room to find his squad.


Esper Mansion

It was early morning in the Esper mansion and already the sounds of activity could be heard in the hallway outside her room. Claire was preparing for another day. Stood in front of a full size mirror while brushing her long hair, she hummed softly to herself.

This morning she had a class of novices waiting to be taught about advanced healing techniques in almost two hours time. She had always had an affinity for techniques, particularly healing techniques, though she had never quite understood the theory. To her, the flow of photonic energy seemed almost second nature. But this never stopped her from being able to teach it to others.

She laid the brush aside and looked at herself in the mirror, smiling back at her reflection. Turning around she retrieved the cloak she had left lying on her bed earlier and draped it over her shoulders before fixing the clasp at the front. Her cloak was like the ones others of her standing wore but what made hers special were the four stones that hung on the connecting cord. Three of them bore the same colours as the planets of Algo, or at least how they were known to be in ancient times. There was the deep blue of Palm, the fiery red of Mota, once a desert planet according to ancient records and the pale cold blue of Dezo.
There was a deep green one that sat above the others but Claire was unsure of the significance. For her, it served as a reminder of the stone she had given to Flynn when they were young. She sighed at the memory and let it warm her. It had been many years since they had been separated but she never intended to give up the hope of being with him again. She could easily have chosen someone else for a companion, but deep down she knew she had always been his.

With her class not due to begin for a while yet, she turned to leave the room and go to the hall of worship for morning prayers.

“Perhaps I should offer a prayer for Flynn’s safety as well.”

She stopped herself in the doorway, the light in her room dimming briefly, and glanced towards a desk at the side of her room, its surface littered with books of various sizes.

“Or maybe I should do some tidying up instead.”

She laughed quietly and left the room, reminding herself to come back for a few of them for her class, making her way too the hall of worship. The light dimmed until her room was dark again.


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