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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, '07, 7:34 am 
If the various regions in the Phantasy Star series had flags to represent them, what do you think those flags would look like? Each planet and city might have their own flags, or perhaps several cities grouped by continent would use the same flag.

Put some thought into your answers - I'm thinking about adding a profile option for selecting a flag to display as part of our locations. The best answers might just be included as options. ;)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, '07, 8:20 am 
Motavia would most likely have something made from sandworm hide. As with the woodcarvn purchased in Termi, might actualy have a sandworm on it. I know Parma would have a musk cat. xD Dezolis would probobly have a green and white flag (Green for their skin color and white for the snow). Rykros would have a flag, but nobody would remember what it looked like after 1k years. xD

Thoul, you know I'd be more than happy to help you create the flags no matter who wins. =]

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, '07, 8:41 am 
I see motavia having a colorful flag, with warm colors on it...I'm thinking red-orange. I don't necessarily see it having a sandworm since it's seen as a threat, but perhaps it'd have the basic shape of a motavian head on it? (and the symvol could be yellow or something) They've gotta be a tough race to survive the dry/hot climate and deserts.

Dezolis would probably have a blue flag to represent their cold planet. The picture on it could be a white flame, representing the holy power of the Eclipse torch.

Palma, I envision it having a green flag. Their world was covered in green, and green does represent life, and that sort of thing. (ironic, the most lively planet gets blown up) :p As for a symbol, I think that a sword is fitting -- it reminds me of Alis, fighting to protect Algo.

As for Rykros... Are we just sticking to the basic three planets? I'll try to come up with something later if it is in.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, '07, 8:32 pm 
Rykros is in, sure. It isn't restricted to just the planets, either. I imagine Zio's church might have it's own flag, as would Motavia Academy and Esper Mansion. The Alisa III and cities in it can be included, too.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, '07, 11:05 pm 
I can imagine the Academy having a really flat, brown and white flag, most of the professors and students all wear the same colors, so it could also be almost school colors type of thing, but I could also see them having a giant Motavia flag right on top.

As for Zio, I can see him being completely self obsessed and having his own face on his flags.

Wouldn't you pretty much go with Layan and Orakian flags in the Alisa III?

I would say Rykros gets that crystal thing, can't remember the name, but in the soldiers temple. Or just the temple itself. A map of Algo wouldn't be out of place as the flag either.

Lutz, for esper mansion, no surprise there, but maybe some variety could be added.

The eclipse torch would be an excellent Dezolis one.

For Motavia, I was thinking it would be fun to go with the Termi sign, but with Motavia instead of Termi.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, '07, 12:00 am 
Motavia.. I'm kinda thinking of three horizontal stripes: Green, purple, and tan. As for a symbol, I'd imagine that there would be an axe crossing over a warhammer. Since Motavians have proved to be a physicly strong race, the warhammer makes a nice addition to the already confirmed axe.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, '07, 12:53 am 
Quote:Wouldn't you pretty much go with Layan and Orakian flags in the Alisa III?

You could, but each city or kingdom might have a different flag that incorporates those symbols somehow. After a thousand years, I'd expect Cille and Shusoran to have different flags, even if both have the Layan symbol on them somehow.

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