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PostPosted: Fri Dec 5, '08, 3:02 am

Grab that file if you want a PSIV save with all of the proper level 99 stats for every character. It's a hacked save that changes all of the initial stats for every character to their real level 99 stats. In addition to circumventing the lv99 bug, you also get to play through the entire game with an absurdly overpowered party!

Change the name of the file to match that of your PSIV rom. I use Gens to play, so I'm not sure if this format works with other emulators. I used SRAM data instead of savestates for this, so you should be able to load this file on any version of the game (US, JP, beta, hacks, etc).

I haven't played through to make sure that everything is correct, but I'm pretty sure I got it right. (Alys, Chaz, and Hahn all seem to be fine.) There's a slight chance that I may have screwed up the equip stats for some other characters, but this can presumably be fixed by unequipping and re-equipping their weapons and gear when they join the party. Again, I'm pretty sure I got this right, but I haven't double-checked yet.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 5, '08, 10:05 am 
Awesome :)

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 5, '08, 11:57 am 
Nice, I can use that when I get back to making maps. Thanks for sharing this with us! :D

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 5, '08, 7:07 pm 
As an aside, I think it would be possible to actually defeat Re-Faze at level 99, but you'd probably have to abuse savestates to do it.

Chaz @ LV 99 (w/ Algo-Ring, Elsydeon, Guard-Mail)
HP: 635
TP: 364
STR: 101
MEN: 101
AGI: 101
DEX: 101
ATK: 230 (278 after using Pow-Shield)
DFS: 224
MDFS: 129

HP: 32767
STR: 99
MEN: 597
AGI: 99
DEX: 99
ATK: 255
DFS: 0

Re-Faze is only vulnerable to element 6 (Elsydeon, Tsu techs, Rayblade), so equipping any other weapon or shields would probably be pointless.

Average damage (after using Pow-Shield):
Crosscut: 537
Attack: 417
Rayblade does slightly less damage on average (415.5), but doesn't fluctuate as much as normal attacks.

Re-Faze's Megid does about 225.5 damage (I think) to Chaz on average, which is the biggest problem. You have to hold him under 212 damage per turn so that Chaz can have 2 attacking rounds per every healing round.

Land Rover
Ice Digger
34x Sol-Dew

The first 5 items are non-disposable. (The Psyco-Wand can be removed when Raja first leaves the party, or you can just equip it to Rune or Raja during the endgame to get it out of the inventory.) The Pow-Shield is necessary to boost Chaz's ATK. Sol-Dews should fill the rest of the list.

Total number of turns:
1 turn to use Pow-Shield
34 total healing turns (only Sol-Dews will cut it; Nares and Trimates don't heal enough)
71 max possible attacking turns (assuming less than 212 damage taken from every attack + Chaz always moves first)

39x Crosscut = 537 x 39 = 20943
32x Attack = 417 x 32 = 13344

Total average damage across 71 turns = 34287
Re-Faze's total HP = 32767

Seems doable, but barely. You'd have to abuse savestates to make sure that you don't take too much damage from Megid, which would probably be really annoying, but the math works. You'd also have to make sure that Chaz moves first, so it might be worth tossing out one Sol-Dew and keeping the Swift-Helm instead. (Chaz and Re-Faze have near-equal Agility at level 99, so there's about a 50/50 chance of moving first if you don't give Chaz a speed boost.)

I'd like to see somebody pull this off. I gave it a try for a few minutes, but the odds of taking <212 damage from Megid are really low and I got tired of reloading and retrying. I'd be nice if somebody could look into how the relevant random number generators work.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 5, '08, 11:23 pm 
[face=Times New Roman]With save-state hacking, it is possible to defeat Re-Faze at levels lower than 99. It’s not something I’ve ever done, but one player reported his experience with it on his webpage, entitled “Phantasy Star Curiosities”.

My approach was much simpler: judicious use of pro-action replay and game genie codes, the sole occasion I’ve ever employed them. Give Chaz infinite HP and set his NaThu technique to cost 1 TP only. By my estimate, ReFaze has more HP than all three incarnations of the Profound Darkness put together. Bearing in mind that Chaz is fighting alone, he has to cast and recast, for a ridiculous number of rounds, before ReFaze finally goes down. The process itself is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but still less effort-intensive than save-state hacking.

Either way, you’ll get one meseta and one experience point for your trouble, and lose the opportunity to learn Megid. The whole caper is worth it only to satisfy your curiosity or, as Kaloes once suggested, for the pleasure of exacting revenge on ReFaze for making Chaz fight the illusion. As Sixfortyfive notes, victory over ReFaze is not achievable through normal means, even at level 99.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 6, '08, 6:03 pm 
I just went to that site you provided. Who in the hell is this Yoz guy anyways! Giving that site my discovery! Last time I checked that site it ended with the nothing items. Bah!

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 6, '08, 6:13 pm 
[face=Times New Roman] I hadn't actually read the rest of that page... I only looked it up yesterday because I recalled someone defeating ReFaze with save-state hacking. But rest assured, Kaloes, that most Phantasy Star fans worth their salt know to credit you with the "Alys trick". It's right up there on GameFaqs under your name, for everyone to see. If you feel strongly about it, you could point that out to the site administrator. [/face]

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 6, '08, 6:19 pm 
Nah its fine really, I just thought it was funny to actually see something I discovered on a different site put by a different person. Cause I remember when I first discovered the warps last year I first made a topic on the boards before I wrote the faq and the people that use to read there said that they wondered why it wasn't on that site. So let Yoz have his glory there, cause the majority of phantasy star fans remember that it was actually me who found it.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 8, '08, 4:20 am 
Ten years from now, Yoz will probably have all the glory and the original founder of the warp spots will be lost. You do know that may happen right? But either or, I'm glad to see that you can give up a discovery so easily. Though now, I am beginning to wonder if maybe I should put the warp locations in my Glitch FAQ under Things that aren't glitches/interesting stuff (or whatever I called that section). Hmmm...

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 9, '08, 11:27 pm 
Well its not me giving up, but mainly theres nothing I can do to fight it. Considering its there and if I was to make a statement about it they could clearly take his word over mine since its probably been up there for some time now. Don't get me wrong, I won't let my discovery go, as I'll probably work on somethings to make it known far and wide across the web rather then just that one site.

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