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 Post subject: Fitness video games
PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, '10, 9:21 pm 
With all the stuff out there these days, do you find yourself resorting more and more to video games to help you in the art of being fit, etc. If so, have you tried any of the games mentioned here: ... ames_N.htm

Gone are the days when you had to go to a health spa or some other place to try and get fit (although you can still go there if you want), but now we also have the ease and availability of trying to get fit in our own homes, and have fun doing it at the same time with some video games.

Sounds like a winner to me! :yes:

Anyone else enjoy getting fit this way??

 Post subject: Re: Fitness video games
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, '10, 11:38 am 
I think it will be just a fad, like all those fitness equipments. Few people who buy them still use them after 6 months of the purchase. I think it will be the same as with those fitness games. People who are not really into working out needs some kind of pressure to work out regularly and staying in front of the console is not a source of pressure, like the bills of the gym, but a source of distraction. Like "I'll play the fitness game, but first I'll play 15 minutes of the new Final Fantasy..." and then you already know that will happen.

 Post subject: Re: Fitness video games
PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, '10, 12:06 am 
You have to be dedicated to stick to a fitness regimen. I can't see many people being that dedicated to using the fitness video games for an extended period of time. Maybe these kinds of games would be more successful if wrapped inside something that's fun instead of using fitness or a workout as the main attraction.

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