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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 12:43 am 
I've heard that Alis' age is 15 at the start of the game, but I've also read that she is 18 on other sites. Does anyone know for certain?

What about Noah, and Odin, too, for that matter? (Myau doesn't count ^^)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 1:46 am 
Alis is definitely 15. Her exact date of birth and age are given in this image. There are details about the origin of the image there. Here's the versions for Lutz, Odin, and Nero. Myau's on the last one also, but he doesn't have an age or birthdate listed.

The Compendium book also says Alis is 15, but doesn't give exact dates like those.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 2:28 am 
Thanks so much for this, Thoul! ^^

So it seems that Noah is 27. (If I'm reading it right...)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 5:21 am 
I've always heard Alis is 15 too. I never knew they had dates for the others though.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 7:02 am 
Yes, I thought Alis was 15 also, but another site I happened upon states that Alis is 18 at the start of the game. It's interesting reading:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 7:10 am 
That's some pretty detailed stuff in that article. It's amazing what people seem to keep finding about the game in terms of timeline and such, nevermind where it comes from. :D

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 4:01 pm 
Alis' real age was probably not known when that page was written, so the authors just went with an assumption that matched their own opinions about the story. They mention starting the article in 1996, which would have been well before any of the Japanese material that provides Alis' became widely available or translated.

One thing to keep in mind about that article is that it is part of a fan fiction universe. Many of the facts and assumptions presented in it are designed to ignore anything that the authors did not want to include in their fan fictions, like the Japanese books about the PS games.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 4:42 pm 
Oh boy, the PSU timeline. Never thought I'd see that again (or, at least, I hoped :P).

For those of you new to the fandom, and by that I mean people that weren't around 12-14 years ago (I'm 26, but I've been around since 1997 or so), there was a bit of a conflict within the ranks regarding which version was more "correct": the English translation or the original Japanese versions of the Phantasy Star games. The solution to a small group was to segregate the two and treat them as entirely different universes (i.e. - The events of the Japanese version, or the supporting guides like World of PS or the PS Compendium, were rendered irrelevant when discussing the English games). This also splintered into different arguments regarding things that were muddled by the English translation, such as Noah being the same person as Lutz.

Many people, myself included, thought that the idea of creating two different "universes" based on some flawed translations was laughable at best, especially since Sega had a marked history of being spotty with translations at the time. It seemed to require a lot of conjecture just to make the premise make any sense, given that changes made in the English versions weren't made consistently nor were they well thought out, and it led to a good number of arguments and some theories being published online that I for one couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to follow. To me, there is one original version (the Japanese) and many different translations/adaptations (the English being one) which never supersede the original should the two state different things.

You can read more here. You'll note the man who wrote that is one of the people who worked on the PSU project. In my mind, there seems to be a certain desperation in his tone, not to mention his attempts to justify the whole thing (for "Japanese purists", if two staff members disagreed during the storyboarding of the game, then the whole game is rendered invalid? Really?), but that's just me. I find the whole thing laughable, but I figured I'd give some background as to why the PSU timeline exists ("...a complete timeline and "universe" of theories designed to unite and explain all inconsistencies within the English Phantasy Star continuity.") Note that, while the Japanese continuity isn't perfect even with the supplemental materials, it doesn't seem to require the work that the "English universe" did to make sense. ;p

In any case...


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 6:47 pm 
What's unfortunate is that the PSU time line resides on the internet in a fashion these days that taken without knowing the rest of the author's works, it looks really "official." In fact, if you Google "Phantasy Star time line" or something similar, this is one of the first results returned.

A lot of the information contained in the time line has now been rendered obsolete due to availability of Japanese sources, not to mention if you read one of the links within the Camineet pages, the differences in calendar years is developed on some arbitrary starting years that suited the author's needs.

Again, it's just unfortunate that there isn't a bigger disclaimer attached to this time line. It's really cool and well done, but not canon.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 6:59 pm 
Honestly, I always thought that was the biggest problem with PS Universe. Even back in the 1990s, well before the last redesign of the PS Pages, it was presented at the forefront of that site. It was made to look like it was a compilation of official, absolute facts instead of what it actually was: fan fic. It wasn't even stored with the rest of the fan fiction on the site back then. It definitely needed better disclaimers.

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