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 Post subject: Xbox One
PostPosted: Tue May 21, '13, 7:10 pm 
Big day today for Microsoft's Xbox One: ... 6C10009350

What does everyone think of this new gaming system?

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Wed May 22, '13, 1:36 am 
Eh, it sounds okay but has several drawbacks IMO. The restrictions on used games aren't great. It looks like it has only HDMI output, which means it won't work with older tvs/monitors unless there's some kind of convertor cable. Not looking forward to needing a new TV or monitor for this system. The lack of backward compatibly is also not good, so I hope Microsoft will keep the 360s available for a bit.

The more-standard blu-ray drive is nice, as is the large hard drive. It sounds like a rather powerful machine in terms of processing, as well. I hope the price isn't too high.

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Wed May 22, '13, 2:50 am 
The official Xbox One site:

All the new "features" are really what kill this system for me.
Do I want to interact with other people? No.
2. Do I want my gaming system to require a broadband connection? No.
3. Do I care about social networking? Hahahahaha! (see answer to question 1)
4. Do I want TV to distract me while playing a video game? No.
5. Do I want an always online game system equipped with a microphone and HD motion tracking webcam and that can be used to spy on me in my own home? Unquestionably no!

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Wed May 22, '13, 9:53 pm 
Wow, just wow...

I'm shocked that Microsoft thought any of these *sarcasm* oh so genius *sarcasm* ideas would resonate with anyone at all, the issue with used games in particular. I'm not too surprised by the lack of backwards compatibility, mostly because I've been used to it ever since I bought my PS3 (without PS2 support). I don't know about the rest of you, but all of the other "features" make me think of this as an electronic that happens to play video games instead of being an actual video game console.

Also, I'm flabbergasted by the name: Xbox One. Googling it directed me to almost nothing but pics of the original Xbox. The rumored Xbox Infinity, 720, or even just Xbox 3 would all be better names. It seems like Sony is the only company who got the naming thing right this time around. I mean, Wii U is almost as bad a name as this new Xbox, as it sounds like an add-on to the original Wii instead of something new. At least it has a Blu Ray drive, but that isn't enough to save the console. I'm definitely sticking with Sony (and/or Nintendo) for the next generation, though I probably would have done that anyway, given that I don't care for the 360 very much.

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Fri May 24, '13, 12:48 am 
Another article on the new Xbox One and it's possible ability to play used games: ... 43272.html

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Mon Jun 3, '13, 6:36 pm 
Saw an article online that says the Xbox One will cost appx. $399. ... /#comments

Is that a bad price, or a good price?? Will you pay that much for one of these new systems??

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, '13, 9:57 pm 
Well, evidently that price listed above is not going to be the selling price for the new Xbox One as it was announced today that the price will be $499.00! ... 6C10261387

The system should be out sometime around November!

At this price, I won't be getting one. Too high for me!!

Do they actually think people have $500.00 to splurge on a game system during this horrible economy??? I guess so. :sad:

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, '13, 10:08 pm 
Too hig for me too ! :(

 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, '13, 5:17 pm 
I had a feeling the price would be that high; not that I would be getting the Xbox 720/Infinity One anyway, but this was the bad icing on an already gross cake to me. I'm hoping Sony won't give the PS4 a similar, or even worse, a higher price point.

EDIT: Well, it looks like Sony was smart and decided to make the PS4 $100 cheaper than Microsoft's Entertainment device that puts more emphasis on TV than gaming "Console" ... ard-drive/

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 Post subject: Re: Xbox One
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, '13, 11:10 pm 
Looks like Microsoft is learning from their mistakes: they're reversing some of the restrictions on their new console. ... isc-games/

I'm impressed that they decided to make those decisions, but the new Xbox is still too pricey for my tastes. If I get this (though I probably won't), it will either be when there's a decent price drop, or when an improved slim model is introduced.

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