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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 10:17 pm 
Saw on the news reports this morning where some group called "Elf" (Earth Liberation Front) may be thought to have some ties to fires that occured where a few houses were burned down.

Somehow, to me, this just doesn't seem like a good way of getting your point across. Sure, the houses are gone, but this is an illegal and very destructive act. What harm could these houses have done? Just seems very childish to me. ... fires.html

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 11:28 pm 
That's definitely the wrong way to bring attention to their cause. This is terrorism, plain and simple. Very few people look on such acts with sympathy. The only thing this group will have accomplished is harsher laws against arson and making themselves a public enemy.

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