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 Post subject: Fire in Rio De Janeiro
PostPosted: Mon Sep 3, '18, 6:22 am 
The National Museum in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil has had a horrible fire: ... 018-09-02/

Such a tragedy! :cry:

PostPosted: Mon Sep 3, '18, 11:01 am 
Yes, I'e seen and watch some news aboutit and that is such a tragedy to see more than 200 years of history to be in the flames...:( :cry:

PostPosted: Tue Sep 4, '18, 4:27 pm 
Apparently part of the reason the fire couldn't be controlled was funding cuts that can be traced back to the Olympics a few years back. The fire control systems weren't properly maintained due to budget cuts, and the nearest fire hydrants were dry. Which is just an extra tragedy to add to the pile. I get we love our sports, but I don't like how we value sports above things like culture and safety. When we do, this is what happens.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 6, '18, 1:46 am 
I read they were able to save a few very important items from the fire including a very large meteorite: ... -fire.html

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