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PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, '13, 1:25 pm 
At some point you get an upgrade, I think from Naomi, Ithat'll show you the balls on the map. And yeah, the assassination missions pay way better when you have to grind for cash.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, '13, 5:57 pm 
I'd actually say it's a good thing you started with No More Heroes as your first Suda51 experience rather than Killer7. I still haven't quite figured out how to review the latter.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, '13, 9:18 pm 
Wolf Bird: I already got the upgrade from Naomi, but it seems like it's still hard to find them. It's almost as if they are in the general vicinity of where they are shown on the map. I think I have enough of them now. The last few skills don't seem that important to me. I have the important skills.

R-90-2: I played Killer 7 a long time ago, but I didn't have the slightest clue what the game was, or was trying to be, so I didn't play it long. So I've played Killer 7 before, but No More Heroes is the first Suda51 game that I am playing, and I intend to finish.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, '13, 9:53 pm 
Thanks for the advice about the Lokikov Balls Wolf Bird. I was looking at the wrong markers. Once you realize which marks are Lokikov Balls, they are easy to find.

Man, I fought Holly Summers. Wow. Best boss fight of the game so far. Pretty tough fight, she even killed me once (first time I died). My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw how she did herself in. I was speechless.

Bummer I didn't get to fight Letz Shake. He looked kind of crazy.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 1, '14, 2:11 pm 
The game does have several impactful moments, like that one, that come out of nowhere. It's just full of surprises, it really is.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 2, '14, 1:15 pm 
I got through 2 more ranks. I fought Harvey the magician guy and Speed Buster. Harvey was pretty easy, and I like how they interspersed the fight with the on-stage magic show. How they would stop and take bows in the middle of the fight and accept the audience's applause. Pretty cool.

Speed Buster was very easy. Fighting off her goons was the hardest part. Travis Touchdown sure is something. He slices off a 90 year old lady's head without even batting an eye. I don't even think Kratos could do that.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 4, '14, 12:33 am 
I'm getting to the end of No More Heroes, I'm on the first rank mission and I'm fighting Jeane. I started the fight last night, but it was taking so long and I had to go to bed. So I'm going to try to finish her off tonight.

I spent lots of time getting all of my Katana upgrades for my third Katana, but I have everything I need now.

The 2nd rank fight with Bad Girl was epic. She is a total nutbar. I fell prey to her instant death attack when she falls down and cries. Oh man I felt so stupid.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 4, '14, 1:38 pm 
On my recent play through on the PS3 version, I did the same thing, having forgotten the instant death attack. Got her the second try though. Jeane is definitely, IMO, the toughest boss in the game.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 5, '14, 2:04 pm 
Well I'm done with No More Heroes. Jeane was pretty tough. It takes a long time to wear down her life. She dodges all of your normal attacks. The only way I was able to take her life away was to use the charged low slash, due to the invincibility, and it was still down to the wire when I won. After fighting her, the bonus boss battle Henry didn't seem so tough.

I really liked the game. I would say it's 9/10 stuff. An extremely underrated game. I say that because when people talk about the best action games, they mention Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry (I never like Devil may Cry), and God of War, but I would say that No More Heroes is right up there with them. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel, and I plan on picking up the PS3 version to play at a later date.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of the games I've been playing, but I have yet to enjoy a single one. I had high hopes for lots of the Wii games I got, but most of them disappointed me.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 5, '14, 2:17 pm 
The main thing that makes Henry tough, IMO, is his ridiculous amount of health. On my play through on the PS3 version, what got me every time was getting just a little bit too aggressive. That fight just requires a lot of patience to get through.

The second No More Heroes game is well worth it. Has everything that makes the first good, but also takes out some of what's unnecessary (like the very empty open world), and lets you play as a few other characters. I also find the mini-games to be far FAR better and much less tedious, but I won't reveal why. Now, the PS3 version is basically the first game, but it has a few bonus bosses pulled from the second game and a little extra content.

Now what are some of these other games that aren't so good?

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