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PostPosted: Mon Nov 2, '09, 3:05 am 
Wheres Snorb at, I know he'll want to see this...

Anyways Final Fantasy Legends II aka SaGa II for the gameboy is currently being remade on the DS.. I've never played II, just I and III, as well as the other SaGa games so I know how the games work. The game is going through a complete rehaul for the DS, but I hope it stays true to the originals story and mechanics.. I'm probably gonna find me a version of II and give it a try.. ... -ds-remake

PostPosted: Mon Nov 2, '09, 7:35 am 
That’s good news. About a month ago I beat Final Fantasy Legend II. It was a very awesome game, I also loved the fact that I could choose what ever species of characters I wanted in my party at the start. I also thought it was cool how if you chose an imp or baby dragon they could eat the meat of other enemies and evolve kinda like a Pokemon. I hope the DS version stays close to the roots of the original.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 2, '09, 1:32 pm 
I loved the first game but this was the one was just flat out awesome! Like Lucas said, you get to choose more of what you want your character to be and the storyline had so many twists and turns that I actually created a pen and paper RPG based around it! Anyway I'm looking forward to this coming stateside.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 2, '09, 8:07 pm 
I only played the first one. It was okay, but I didn't enjoy it that much. Something about it annoyed me... were there randomly generated party members? I think it was something like that. I remember getting to the end boss of the game, but never defeating him.

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