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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '08, 5:40 am
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"Looks like we got ourselves cornered huh Rolf?" Shir mentioned, placing her hand on the wound of her arm. The group was beginning to become exhausted, the Earthmen surrounded them waiting for the next move. "Whats the plan chief?" Josh asked with that cocky attitude he always had. Glancing around Rolf began wondering if there was any way they would escape with their lives. "I don't know. We keep on fighting until theres no breath left in our bodies." He said, gripping the Nei sword firmly he charged straight into the fray.

The battle became intense, many of the Earthmen fell as they were shot, stabbed, and sliced by the groups last remaining strength. "My strengths depleted. I can't go on anymore." Falling to her knees Amy let out those few words. With quick haste Rudo jumped to her side, blasting many of the Earthmen with his blaster. "A little help here! I can't hold them off forever." He yelled out, being struck in the face by one of the men. With great strength he grabbed the man by the throat, lunging him into the on coming group of people.

"We're kinda busy now!" Standing back to back with Hugh, Shir yelled out to Rudo. Placing a knife in each hand they split and charged in two different directions, quickly striking down each person that stood in front of them. Standing there, blood covered Shir began breathing heavily. "Look out!" A womans voice yelled out. Before Shir could react she was struck in the chest, being thrown clear across the room. "Damnit! Get off of me!" Anna yelled out, pushing her way through the men, gashing each one with her slasher.

The sound of swords clashing together could be heard echoing throughout the room. Rolf had engaged the leader of the Earthmen in one final confrontation, marking this as the decisive battle. "Why! Why did you do all of this? If you wanted a home you could have just easily settled on Palma without destroying it." He yelled to the man, clashing his sword against his opponents. The man did nothing but laugh, with one push Rolf lost his balance, leaving him open for a attack.

"Not good." Rolf thought to himself. With a quick action he was kicked in the chest, falling to his knees. The sword was placed against his throat, looking up at his opponent Rolf knew there was no hope left. "Any final words?" The earthman asked. Looking up he closed his eyes, waiting for the final blow. Just then the ship began to shake, the panels began to explode as Josh stood there with a smirk on his face. "Heh, guess I broke it." He laughed. With this brief chance Rolf jumped backwards, landing near a strange doorway.

"Escape Pod?" He thought to himself, reading the words on the door. The group made their way through the earthmen, gathering all around Rolf. "I think this is the end? At least we didn't go out without a fight." Rudo said, placing Amy down against the door. Slamming his fist against the wall the doorway opened up. "Everyone get in, this might be our only way of escape." Rolf barely said, trying to catch his breath. Each member made their way into the escape pod, waiting for Rolf to follow them. "What the?! Rolf what are you doing?" Shir yelled out as the door slammed shut.

Taking a brief pause Rolf tried catching his breath. "It can only be launched from the outside. This place is already about to explode. So the only thing to do now is get you out of here safely." He said, glancing over at the window at his comrades. He watched as his friends tried to get out of the escape pod to help him. With a smile he slammed his hand against the panel once again, sending the ship into orbit. "ROLF!" They yelled out to him as they were launched into space.

The ship continued to explode, not much time was left before the whole place would be destroyed. Taking a deep breath Rolf charged once again towards the leader, clashing swords with him. Getting pushed back once again he felt a searing pain flow through his body. Coughing up blood he looked down, his body had been pierced by three swords. "Get off of me!" He yelled out, slashing the men who stabbed him. The ship made one last explosion, creating a large hole in the side.

Everything began to be thrown out into space, Rolf and the leader of the earthmen continued to fight as everything and everyone else were being thrown out into space. The two charged each other, with one final strike they clashed.. Rolf fell to his knees, but his foe fell to the ground. His lifeless body being thrown out into space. Stabbing his sword into the ground he held on. "Did I do good Nei? I hope so." He thought to himself as the ship finally gave way with Rolf caught in the explosion. As the inferno raged towards Rolf he let out one final sentence before his life ended.

"I wonder what people will see in the final days?"
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