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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, '10, 4:44 am 
Scenario A)

Rolf and Co are attacked by a Mystcape and a MXDragon.

<Rolf> Um.. Rudo? Did that slinky hurt you as much as it did me?
<Anna> I missed and that dragon is laughing at me!
<Hugh> No.. he's laughing at me cause I'm useless!

When I play it on my 27inch tv, those monsters look like they are playing with red slinkies XD. The MxDragons look like they are laughing with a yuck yuck yuck

Scenario B)

Rolf and Co get attacked by a Polezi, Mazgamma and a Wireface type

<Rudo> Ouch.. Robocop's gun really hurts!
<Amy> I'm dizzy from watching it shake its head!
<Kain> Maybe we shoulda brought some drugs, that thing is tweaking!

Polezi's spin their gun like Robocop does when he finishes firing. Mazgammas shake their heads over and over.. Podface group just looks like foamy the squirrel does.

So come on all.. Pick some enemies, have the characters get attacked and make comments. ]

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