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 Post subject: Favorite TV shows
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, '07, 7:05 am 
What is your favorite TV show of all time? I prefer a lot of the classic (older) TV shows as compared to most of the shows currently being shown on TV today. There are a few good original ones on the air now though.

My fave show of all time would probably be Bonanza, and my fave show currently running would probably be Dancing With The Stars.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, '07, 3:05 pm 
Of all time?? I can't remember most of the shows I've watched that well! :rofl:

I guess I'll say Batman: The Animated Series. It may have been a cartoon, but I think it's the best superhero show ever.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, '07, 9:01 pm 
I guess my all time favorite would be Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's the only program I can think of that I consistently enjoyed when and was airing and when I watched it recently.

I don't really have a favorite among currently running shows. There's not really any on right now that I like or watch that much.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, '07, 7:14 am 
Not much of a TV watcher, but I enjoy watching 24 and have been following it via a friend's DVD collection. Aside from this and Food Network TV, I never really watch tv.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 8, '07, 9:44 am 
I've never watched "24" but have heard it's quite popular and a good tv show.

I like Keifer Sutherland as an actor, although it's been awhile since I've seem him in anything. I remember he was good in the "Flatliners" movie, I think it was.

I like his dad, actor Donald Sutherland also. He was terrific in the recent tv show with Geena Davis as the woman president.

I read there was some talk of trying to take "24" onto the big screen in a movie. How do you think it would do switching this particular topic from the little screen (TV) to the big screen (movies)?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 9, '07, 3:16 pm 
Hmmm, with the current writing team, very well, I'd imagine. The series itself has done well enough to create suspense, and is very much like a movie already.

As far as other movies Keifer Sutherland has been in, I can recommend "The Sentinel" if you're into Secret Service type movies.

PostPosted: Mon May 21, '07, 8:12 pm 
Sorry to be so late in responding to this post. :oops:

Zafneir, Thanks for the recommendation of "The Sentinel" movie. I'm not sure I have seen that one yet and will look into finding it soon. Let ya know if I like it. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, '07, 7:52 pm 
Anyone here a fan of the tv show "Dancing With The Stars". I love to watch that show.

They just announced their new "dancers" for this fall season, starting Sept. 24, I think. Some of the folks joining them this year are

(1)actress - Jane Seymour
(2)Singer -Marie Osmond
(3)Boxer - Pretty Boy May... (something or other, I forgot)
(4)Entertainer - Wayne Newton

And about eight other folks, which I can't remember their names right this minute. I'll try to find a list and post it on this thread.

So, anyone like or watch this show?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, '07, 11:18 pm 
The new season of " Dancing With The Stars " begins tonight on abc at 8 o'clock. This year, the ladies will be featured on Mondays, the Gentlemen on Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays someone will be let go and voted off the show.

Contestants this year are:

1.Wayne Newton
2. Melanie Brown (Spice girl)
3. Cameron Mathison (All My Children soap star)
4. Jennie Garth (ex-Beverly Hills 90210)
5. Sabrina Bryan (actress)
6. Jane Seymour (actress, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman")
7. Marie Osmond (singer, actress)
8. Mark Cuban
9. Josie Maran (model, actress)
10. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (boxer)

Also, news reports today are saying that "Dancing With The Stars" co-host, Samanatha Harris has just had her baby (a girl), so there is supposed to be a surprise guest co-host on tonight's show. Wonder who it will be????

Sounds like an interesting show. Anyone else, besides me, plan to watch???

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, '07, 3:54 pm 
Last night's "Dancing With The Stars" was pretty good. All the ladies did fantastic with their dancing and seem like pros already. We'll see how it goes tonight with the Men dancing. :hyper:

Last night's co-host was ex-Dancing With The Stars champ, Drew Lachey! He did pretty good, but I hope Samantha is back soon. :D

I love this show! :clap: :rofl:

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