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 Post subject: Favorite Non-Boss Enemies
PostPosted: Mon May 3, '10, 9:47 pm 
What are your favorite random encounter enemies of any of the classic Phantasy Star games?

My answer is probably pretty typical, but my favorite out of all the games are the Fiend/Thoul types, with the different colored capes with hoods and their skeleton-like arms and hands. In PSII Fiends occasionally escape megid, which makes them particularly cool, and in PSIV the Thoul/Lars/etc. know a lot of techs and just seem more developed as magical enemies. Plus they're kind of scary looking (scarier in PSII, but that was just the style of animation in that game).

Other than that, in PSI I like the Amundsen/Frostmen. They were unique looking and weren't carried over into the other games for some reason. Owl Bears/etc. are classic, too. I like them because they remind me of 1960s Filmore poster art work.

In PSII I really liked the mechanical enemies. Attmech/etc. had really cool attacks. They didn't look that impressive, but then they'd stand up and fire missiles at you. Head Rots were creepy and very hard at that stage in the game, and the regenerating Slugmess was a pain in the butt (Blastoids could also regenerate, but they had a really weak attack and were never a problem for me). I remember the first time getting to Zema and having little to no cash for new weapons, but decided to try Roron, anyway. How hard could it be? Hahahaha. Slugmesses killed me before I reached the end of the peninsula.

In PSIII, ah, well... Lobowings/etc. confused me at first. I thought they were snails with some sort of animal head for a foot, then realized I was looking at them wrong! They're one of my favorites because they're so bizarre-looking. The Doomflies were interesting. If I didn't attack first, they would poison me almost without fail, and since they're on the back row I almost always got poisoned. Stupid flies. Floppers are highly improbable enemies, but I like them in a nostalgic way now.

PSIV had a lot of great enemies; the ones that could merge and create newer, stronger enemies were quite impressive. I also liked the various moles. The way they'd come up and *SLAP!* your crew was hilarious. I didn't really like the mechanical enemies in PSIV, but almost all the magical enemies were well done. Dimension Worms were scary stuff, huh? Weapons weren't effective on them at all. Radhins were great because they'd spend the first round casting all these defense spells and looking rather intimidating, but then the heroes would just be like, "yeah, whatever" and slice and dice them, anyway. Marauders were a great carry-over from PSI.

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 12:54 am 
Lets see:

Phantasy Star 1: Owl bears, and the Dragons. I also like the Amundsen the big crystal men. And yes it was strange they never made it into other Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star 2: The Locusta family and the Hit-Tail it was some kind of worm looking thing with a long funny looking head.

Phantasy Star 3: I like the Gnasher the huge dinosaur enemies but that’s about it really

Phantasy Star 4: Lots here: The reappearance of the Sandworms, I also liked the Centaurs from PS1 the metallic horsemen. The De-Elm-Lars those robed guys with the metallic hands. Again the reappearance of the Locusta was awesome. The Rappies. Finally Prophaulls the baby Dark Force he was quite awesome not to mention acted some-what like a boss fight when you found him thanks too all that HP.

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 6:26 am 
I can really only say for PSIV until I get around to playing the other PS games. So as for me it comes down to three different enemies for End of the Millenium.

First off Locustas were sweet and memorable. Guess it was kinda because when I was a kid I thought they were cool (even though they kinda scared me).

The second enemy I'd like to point out is the Blue Rappy. For some reason I always preferred this rappy compared to the others.

And last I would like to point out, is the frog in Tonoe's "unused" basement. I think it's because it always seemed really tough to me because I was usually always underlevelled at that point of the game. (Think around level 4/5 for Chaz/Hahn, level 6 for Gryz, and 7/8 for Alys >.>)

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 7:09 pm 
In PSI, I like the Skeleton family of enemies. It's mainly because they're not just color swaps like most RPG monsters. The shield of each type of skeleton has a different design, which I thought was neat.

I don't have a favorite from Phantasy Star II specifically, but I do like how many enemies from that game were reused later on, like the Locustas.

For PSIII... well, there's not much to like there. There's the female enemies with the capes. I can't recall their name. Chirpers are good also, I guess. I always found them kind of annoying because I visualized them as pecking away at the characters. :lol: I'm also quite glad to see one of the few enemies that returns from PSII: the Fiend family. Their presence really helps to tie the game into the rest of the series.

PSIV just has a too many good ones to list. Prophallus is a great challenge and it was awesome to see so many enemies returning from previous titles. The ability of enemies to combine and spawn other monsters was really neat, too.

PostPosted: Tue May 4, '10, 10:27 pm 
Thoul wrote:In PSI, I like the Skeleton family of enemies. It's mainly because they're not just color swaps like most RPG monsters. The shield of each type of skeleton has a different design, which I thought was neat.

I like how the skeletons make a "CHING!" noise with their swords when attacking. There's something very 1980s cartoon about that.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 8:07 pm 
I hated rappies in III. :down: I like them now on Portable. :up:

I wish there were official artwork of the monsters (please tell me if it exists). Even if the graphics are detailed, there are things that cannot be appreciated fully from the in-game graphics.

PS II: I think I like the locusta design. Also the dragons and the silhouette guys from Dezolis, even if they are more dangerous than other enemies.

PS III: I have to separate the enemy designs from the image I get from their battle "animations". Even so, the giants still are not well-liked by me, for their badly implemented way they attack with their finger (it would be better if they actually bent down to do it). I think the jumping lizard guys would look cool in a manga or anime. I imagine they travel in packs, hide in the corridors and ducts, and are very fast. And I hate rappies! :melodramatic:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '15, 1:07 pm 
In Phantasy Star I, my favoirite enemies are probably the dragons.

In Phantasy Star II, I'd probably go with the Wizard, Capeone, and the Fiend, I also like the Dezo owls.

In Phantasy Star III, I like all the enemies, my favourites would be the the Khalidah, the Gnasher and the Goatkings.

I like all enemies in Phantasy Star IV, I find the Crawlers, Phantoms, and all Rykros enemies best.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '15, 6:11 pm 
Mr. Death in PS2 wins the award for the best name. Vorcano is a close second. That said, Aerotanks are the coolest.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, '17, 1:00 pm 
Interesting question ! But to answer it at the best, I'll make four different posts to detail more on each game about specific ennemies that I liked (and I still like !)
So now in PHANTASY STAR 1 :

The SWORM : as it is the first foe I've ever encountered in any PS ! So it's someting worth to remember !
Then the FISHMAN : especially I can remember playing one evening on my belove master system, with my older brother : we started to play it some days ago and had just reach for the first time the shore, just south of Iala if I can remember it (not so sure) and met for the first time with a fishman : then death was at the end of the "fight" ! :( I can remeber as I'm sure that it was first shore and first death ! So the first game over screnn (there were far more of them after !! ;) ) and the fabulous (short !) music piece, even if it was tied with a sad end ! ;)

And to "cconclude" the MARAUDER (and the Reaper too) but the Marauder is better as : the design was fantastic (I think it's my favourite monster in all the Phantasy Stars) and a tough one too, as his thunder spell was the cause of many torments ! :rofl:

All the DRAGONS : as it's my chinese astrological sign, and I was always attracted by thos fabulous and fantastic monsters : and in the first one, they are really fantastic and mainly tough opponents (especially the white ones !).

SPECIAL ONE : the TARENTUL as it was the first monster we have seen in an ad and that is this picture that have decided us (me and my two brothers) to buy this game ! So if I can thanks something that have made me discover this fantastic PS : it's this ad with the Tarentul, on an official SEGA ad paper (that I still have with me : collector one ! ).

Taht is all for the first one but I would like to conclude with that : for me all the monsters were and are still great in this fabulous and legendary game !!! :clap:

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, '17, 6:48 pm 
I know I already commented here, but anyways...

I haven't really played Phantasy Star I much times, but enemies I suppose I did like were the "White Dragon", the "Magician", the "Reaper", and the "Barbrian" (oddly enough, they look very similar to Gryz in Phantasy Star IV).

In Phantasy Star II, I suppose I liked a fair bit of enemies. My favourites were the "Flarewolf", the "Aerotank", the "Owltalon", and the "Fiend'.

In Phantasy Star III, I liked a ton of enemies. When it comes to favourites, they'd be the "Quasar", the "Mech", the "Mantis", and the "Khalidah".

In Phantasy IV, I again liked a whole ton of enemies. My favourites of them would be the "Tech Plant", the "Browren486", the "Imagiomage", and the "Phantom".

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