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 Post subject: Farewell PS 4
PostPosted: Fri Dec 4, '20, 1:41 am 
Now that the PS 5 is here, will you (and other video game fans) be saying bye bye to the PS4 console?

Here's an interesting look and video celebrating the PS 4: ... 5WIpRBHTWA

I happen to think the PS 4 will still be around and used for a good while yet, and here are some reasons why.

First, many video game fans are not even able to get a PS 5 yet and may not be able to get one for a long time, because of availability of the console itself. You can not find it in stores and it is almost impossible to order online.

Second, Because of price (it does cost either $400 or $500 depending on which console you get and that is not cheap. Some people could pay their monthly rent or buy montly groceries for that amount or pay other bills.

Third, Because the PS 4 is already an established favorite with many favorite games that can still be played.

Any other thoughts or comments anyone?

 Post subject: Re: Farewell PS 4
PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, '21, 5:59 pm 
I will eventually get a PS5. I have a deep appreciation for Sony. However, I was fortunate to get an Xbox Series X and I am devoting a majority of my time there. Additionally, the PS5 is still being scooped up by scalpers and bots and I do not want to fight through that again as I did with the Xbox.

 Post subject: Re: Farewell PS 4
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, '21, 2:18 am 
It always takes a few years for the previous console to fully die out, and given that Sony reversed their decision to close down the PS3 store, I suspect the PS4 will still see plenty of use for a long time to come. I also imagine that a lot of games for PS5 may also have PS4 versions, especially as this console is proving so hard to actually get.

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