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 Post subject: Family Feud
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, '08, 5:35 pm 
Is there anyone who hasn't heard of this long running game show by now?????

This game show has been on in one form or another, and with many various hosts of the show, probably for over 20 years or so. I guess it is a very popular game to be so successfull. It probably runs frequently on "The Game Show" network, I would think. I know some of the past show hosts were actor Richard Dawson ("Hogan's Heroes", probably the first host), and the guy who played the role of Al on "Tool Time", and others.

Currently, there is a new version of this game show running on NBC. It is called Celebrity Family Feud, and is hosted by Al Roker (Today show weatherman). They have several celebrity families going up against each other and they play for charity with the winning family winning $50,000.00 for their charity, I think it is. The runner-ups ususally win a smaller amount too.

Some of the celebrity families that have been on so these past few weeks include: Kathy Gifford Family, The Kardashian Family, Dog The Bounty Hunter Family, Corbin Bernson Family, Ed McMahan Family, American Chopper Family, and others, I can't recall offhand.

I can't help it, I always have to play fast money with them, and it's fun to try and guess the top answers to the questions too.

So, anyone else a fan of "Family Feud" or the newest version of "Celebrity Family Feud"???????

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '08, 5:50 pm 
It's a fun show to watch when passing the time. I haven't see the latest one, but if I'm sitting down to eat and there's nothing else on, I'll usually turn over to the game show network and watch a rerun on there.

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