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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, '10, 6:32 am 
I played this for about 10 minutes earlier. This is really weird, and the main character as well as others say alot of things you'd never hear in an official Phantasy Star game, like when you win a fight, it says "You kicked some ***!". I don't remember the other weird bits I heard. One thing kinda nice is that it features music from Phantasy Star I and II.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, '10, 12:45 am 
So where did you find this? :D It sounds silly/amusing in some strange way~ And how is it connected to the series?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 3, '10, 4:53 pm 
I've played this too. It really wasn't that good - as said, the things that are said are something you'd never see in a PS cave. It's not "mature" dialogue, just overusing profane language. Another thing, the spritesets are really mixed - it's a mix of Rpg maker RTP, PSI and PS2 ripped tiles, and whatever else. The game supposedly is complete and has alternate endings, but I really didn't play that far.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 2, '12, 11:07 pm 
I found this game yesterday and I like it. Sure, it has language that you will not find in any other PS game, but I didn't let me bother by that. There are some glitches and bugs here and there and the spelling could use some work every now and again but it place nicely. And yes, you can branch off during the story line. Without spoiling too much, it comes down to a starting civil war between Mother Brain and her minions and a anti-MB movement. Your character plays a mercenary that happens to get caught up in this and as the game progresses you can either start working for MB or the "rebels". Apparently there's a third path also, probably a neutral one.

You see a lot of references to both PSI, PSII and PSIII which is nice I think. Enemies are borrowed from all those three games and graphics are used from PSI and PSII. I really liked going back to Palma. It's basically still the same planet but with a new artic region north of Baya Malaya (which I haven't been to yet). You start out in Abion which now has a sea and airport and can walk to Loar which is now a city. The cave connecting the island with the Gothic/Bortevo island is also still there and can be used (in some paths you take). Bortevo had been rebuild, Gothic village is a city now and the Underground passage still exists. You can meet an odd droid named Habsy in there. And in front of the Governor of Abion's residence you encounter a preaching mad man with the name of Orakio. Oddly there's also someone called Lyle, probably an ancestor of PSIII Lyle. I also met Tyler who was dismantling his spacecraft (same sprite as the Luveno from PSI which was a nice touch).

I haven't played through the full game yet but I intent to finish it at least once. I think I'm on the "good" path right now.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 3, '12, 12:33 pm 
I just downloaded it a few seconds ago and I'll try to play it a bit later (maybe this evening but if I have time...).
Fogeltje : your presentation made me wanting to test it badly ! The "hard" language isn't really a problem for me (but later maybe !!;) ). Good to see all these games made by phans : I wouldn't be able to make this all by myself...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 3, '12, 11:01 pm 
If you want to make it easy on yourself, there's a cheat in Abion.

At first you can't get into the control tower but once you get send on your way to Loar you can. You'll notice a tiny USS Enterprise floating around in the corner on the bottom right. There's a small glowing gem. Touching it will give you a huge amount of XP and MES...every time. I think the maker did that to test the game so he wouldn't have to level up. I haven't used it, but there's a couple of more points in the game where you can repeatly get XP and MES as quest rewards, but those could be bugs. I shamefully admit I used one there a few times (one that gave 1000Mes).

One thing I did dislike was the font, I sometimes have a hard time reading what is written and it gets annoying with HP and TP amounts, it's hard to distinguish (at least for me) between 0, 6 and 8 at times. Mind you they are different but sometimes it's bloody hard to see.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 8:55 am 
Thanks for the tip and help ! Maybe I'll use it : I will, at first, try and test the difficulty level ! But for the moment I don't have time to try it...:( Too many things to do !

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 6:59 pm 
I've used said cheat method to propel myself through the game as I wanted to enjoy the storyline (and the encounter rate with monsters is just too insane). I finally beat it on a "good guy" run. It has some nice tie-ins with the rest of the series. On youtube I watched the ending for the bad guy part. Even though you take different paths, the net result remains the same: Palm gets destroyed and a large amount escapes in the world ships and MoBr continues.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 7:59 pm 
Fogeltje wrote:I've used said cheat method to propel myself through the game as I wanted to enjoy the storyline (and the encounter rate with monsters is just too insane).

Ah ! I don't like too much a mad encounter rate ... :(
Ah ! Don't spoil the end ! I didn't know that Palm(a) was destroyed ! ;) I really need to test it at last ! The ties-in with teh PS serie is really a good point.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 9:17 am 
Palma getting destroyed was a huge shocker! I hadn't seen it coming. A nice touch was that the game also explain how a satellite can destroy an entire least I'm not sure if the original did that as I always wondered how a satellite can fully destroy a planet just like that.

There is also a very nice reference to Phantasy Star that is hinted at once, then more obvious a second time and finally revealed in the end. It's about the main character. I won't spoil it here unless asked (and then will put it in spoiler tags).

Btw, there also seems to be a "fix" or rather a patch for this made by another fan with permission from the original creator. It fixes many spelling issues and some minor bugs (I haven't encountered any critical bugs) but most importantly it drastically reduces the monster encounter rate. As a compensation, monsters give triple XP and MES (as the encounter rate is cut to 1/3rd). It's a blessing for those who use the cheat to only play through the story like I did. Although if you level yourself up to 50 you can run away nearly 100% of the time. You can find it on the PSCave forum: ... 1&start=30

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