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PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '14, 1:15 am 
...but there is this last special moment where everything can be decided.

So I felt like remixing lately. I also felt immensely sad, for reasons I will not bother you with. Just know this: I'm an extremely moody person and this is not something that is easy to deal with for myself and for the people around me. Some say it comes with the territory when you have an artistic soul. My soul is awesome. My mood swings are epic.


Seeing how I was home alone all day yesterday, I delved into this sadness and explored it fully. I reflected on the events of these last few years that made me bitter or unhappy and I let myself fall deep into that sorrow. (Cheese alert: Level maximum).

Then I opened my trusty Reason console and I let the notes flow. Wow. It took me three [censored] years to write Death Trance. This remix will have taken just under two days. It owned me body and soul for as much as 12 hours a day. Clearly this is not the same quality as Deadly Mota but it's still something worth listening to.

The objective was to write something extremely sad and dramatic, a feeling of deep loss and despair. I like stories with dramatic endings. I wanted this song to feel like "You're reflecting upon your last moments as you are about to die for those you love. It will however not be a glorious death. You are alone, no one knows what you are about to do, no one will remember you but you know it must be done."

This isn't the final version! It's probably 97-98% done but it can be tweaked. So before I Youtube it forever, you guys can help me polish it. Is it too long? Too short? Too dull? Too fuzzy? This instrument is too loud? That one is too quiet? Should I add drums? Should I add choirs?

Speak now, my friends, for this is the last moment.... Before the End.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '14, 1:59 am 
Dude, very glad to see this one, listening to it as we speak. Very stately, very powerful, subtly done; I have to say, my biases may be showing, but I'm loving the Violation part, so beautiful and understated. I will say, just because I happened to listen to it just now, that I would love to see a little decelerando (that's apparently not a recognized word in English, but I don't care, it makes sense in Romance languages!) in the part at about 4:03. That part is really well built up, and I'm really feeling an epic slowdown there, before the next section of Violation begins.

But yeah, man, I really like that this one is more symphonic, really has some beautiful string work going on. These songs can easily go electronic, obviously, but there's so much possibility with them.

Also, yes, personally, I will never say no to choirs, I like to use them myself, ha ha. In all seriousness, if you were considering them, I could see them coming in at the very end. I think a quiet, haunting choir would be very powerful to close out the Power part.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '14, 2:40 am 
I'm liking what I'm reading!

Can you please elaborate on the decelerando? You would like me to gradually slow down the part from 4:03 until the end of the Violation segment?

And that ending choir idea is absolutely doable, I will experiment right away! Did you mean the final 10 seconds of the song or the part where Power plays for 6 repetitions?

Also: did you like my improvisation in the last minute and a half? I wanted to reuse the Violation chord pattern with a variation of the prologue melody because the chord pattern for Prologue is heinous and kills me. Just check 1:02 to 1:12 and 1:43 to 1:53, I HATE those.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '14, 3:28 am 
Yeah, for the little transition section in Violation I was just thinking it came a little abruptly the first time I listened to it. It wells up so powerfully, I just felt like the song should pause for a few moments before forging on to the next part. Would really make that section more powerful to me. But you know, listening to it again a few times, I think it works pretty well the way it is, too. Just something to think about, depending on how you feel about that part. It totally makes sense the way it stands, but I think depending on how you want the feel of that section, it could be more impactful with a dramatic pause.

But on the choirs, I was definitely thinking of the last ten seconds, but also the previous thirty seconds or so. Just kind of as the song is winding down and closing out, it sounds to me like a quiet choir might work. I might be crazy, but it might be worth trying out, ha ha.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 5, '14, 3:49 am 
The slow down is already done, I like the feeling it gives. I'll have to work harder on the choir, I don't want things to get too crowded so I need to plan this well. I'll put a new version up sometime tomorrow.

I really need to say I deeply appreciate your help and input! I invite all others who wish to say their part: please do so! The PS fanbase is so small in 2014, we need to stick together!

Myeah... the choirs don't work well, the sound spectrum is already very crowded and adding a mid-high voice only grates, not to mention that to make it out, I need to crank its volume up. I tried removing other samples, the effect isn't fantastic. I'll still try other stuff in a bit.

Meanwhile: here is the part with the slowdown. What do you think?

Edit: Ohhh man, this is sooo not ready for official release. I am changing a TON of little things and the overall quality is just multiplying.

I love my job.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 8, '14, 3:25 pm 
Remix complete!

See the youtube version!


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PostPosted: Fri Aug 8, '14, 9:27 pm 
Listening to it now, love it! So somber, dark, and yet beautiful in a melancholy way. Kind of wistful, even. I love how you transform the themes and put them in a whole new setting while remaining so faithful to the original music. Awesome work!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 9, '14, 12:53 am 
It's because of gems like this that I love listening to your remixes. It's such a dark tune yet so peaceful at the same time. I'll have to spend some time listening to your other works again soon.

Any idea what's in store for your next project?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 9, '14, 1:43 am 
Thank you, both of you! This remix was awesome to do!

I have two active projects (PS3 Dark Force and a PS3 techno medley with Lashute theme and Rhys' anger theme) and two dormant projects (PS4 Laughter and PS2 Silent Zone) at this moment.

I just took a brief pause from working on PS3 Dark Force to write this post :)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 7, '14, 5:34 pm 
Feeling a little down today and so I began to look for music. Listening to music is a tonic for the soul sometimes and everything else that makes you feel rotten. When nothing else can reach me, music is always there. So, I happened upon this and gave it a listen. I was not disappointed but rather somehow I feel uplifted a bit again. Thanks Aero!

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