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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, '13, 12:26 am 
My parents bought a delicious looking "German Chocolate Cake" from a grocery store earlier this week. Well, upon slicing, serving, and taking a bite something about the flavor just didn't seem right to me, so I made a whitty comment as to the cake being a well flavored GMO corn byproduct. My mother remarked, "No your father checked the ingredients label before we bought it" and my father said "No, I thought you had? and inevitibly the cake container was handed to me to read the ingredients list... To my horror, my whitty comment was not far off the mark.

Not only was the cake an amalgamation of toxic industrial by products, neither the cake nor the icing contained any cocoa! That's right, we were eating a fake chocolate cake with fake chocolate icing, and only God knows what industrial waste product the fake shredded coconut topping was derrived from because I couldn't find anything edible on the toxic waste dump of an ingredients list that I could fathom as being a translucent-whitish in color substance with a slightly chewy texture.

It goes without saying that the remainder of the fake cake was dispatched to someplace more suitable.

Makes me rather angry that garbage like that would be sold as food in the first place. Not to mention the false pretense of it being sold as something it really wasn't with no clear marking anywhere else on it's packaging as to it being an entirely artificially flavored product. Wishing in retrospect that we'd at least kept the container so as to make note of what vile excuse of a "bakery" cooked up that cake-like thing.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, '13, 12:27 am 
From the sound of it, I doubt you can really be sure how much cooking was even involved.

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