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 Post subject: Yahoo email alternative
PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 2:20 pm 
I'm looking for an alternative to Yahoo email. I've been using Yahoo email ever since I've been using the Internet, but I'm to the point now where I can't stand it anymore and I need to find a new email service to go with.

Yahoo email used to be pretty good, but the changes they have made to the service in recent years are just terrible, and cause it to run very poorly. They introduced a new email interface, and ever since it has been slow, unreliable, and they beg you for your cell phone number and personal information every time you login.

There have also been instances where the entire mail service is down, and I'm not able to check email for entire days at a time. There is a way to revert back to the old email interface, but it only changes the interface problems, and all of the other problems are still present.

I'm not the only one that has noticed this either. My brother uses Yahoo email as well, and he is also looking to switch away from Yahoo's email service due to the same problems. There are also several people I know at work that use Yahoo email and they are not happy with the recent changes either.

The problem is that over the years I have made 5 Yahoo email accounts that I use for different things, and now I need to get rid of them all. I've already closed down 3 of my lesser used accounts and I'm working on migrating everything away from my 2 remaining accounts.

What I want to know is what are some good free email services I can use or try? I don't like Google, so Gmail is out for me. I've already made an account and I really like it so far. It's just like using an online version of Outlook, which I use every day at work.

So any insight you can give me would be appreciated.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 3:02 pm 
I used yahoo mail back in the late 90s, internet was so different back then! Outlook/Hotmail will be your solid alternative then. It's a product far inferior to gmail but if you don't like Google, that's your pick.

Any reason why you hate Google?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '14, 7:49 pm 
I tend to like Outlook/Hotmail myself. Gmail is fine too but kind of confusing in some ways with all the archiving (sp?) of stuff, etc. Also, I notice about every time I sign in there they want a phone number, etc. as you mentioned as a problem with the other mail accounts. Gets annoying after awhile. Hope you find something you like.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 1:55 am 
Great, thanks for the input guys. I guess I'm leaning towards Outlook still. I just don't trust Google with my personal information, that's why I'm staying away from Gmail and other Google sites. I search using Google, but that's it.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 6:02 am 
I tend to use hotmail/outlook myself. I've had my account since 2005ish and haven't had any real problems with it.

Seeing you say you don't trust google and you're straying from those sites reminds me of a YouTuber who did the same thing the past year. The only thing he's using I believe is YouTube, but for everything else he found an alternative. The search engine he uses I've started using as well, it's called Duck Duck Go. Google tends to link your related searches together by tracking cookies while DDG doesn't track you at all, leading to different searches.

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