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 Post subject: Extras in your games
PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, '07, 4:09 pm 
Have you ever bought any games that came with special extras? You know, things like books or "making of" discs or maps. Just any kind of bonus. If you did, what kind of swag did you get? :D

I never went out for this sort of thing, but now I'm wondering what I might have missed. A few of the games I bought did have posters (like Chrono Trigger and some Game Boys).

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, '07, 11:52 pm 
The most recent extras I've gotten were in Wild Arms games. WA 5 came with a nice little art book. Alter Code F had a DVD with an episode of the WA anime. It's nice, although I found the episode rather boring.

I used to have one of those Chrono Trigger posters on my wall for years. I miss the big fold out maps that games like that and the old Zeldas included.

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