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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, '18, 10:41 pm 
In PSII English version, Lutz introduces himself as "the last telemental."

But in the Japanese version, he merely states he is "the last Esper.

Does this mean that Luz is not a telemental, as in he does not have psychic or mental powers?
Is so, when what does Esper mean? I always assumed it was ESP-er, as in Extra Sensory Perception, i.e., psychic/metal powers. That, and the fact that PSIV has 2 items tied to Lutz, the "Psycho Wand," and also has the "Telepathy ball" which contains Lutz's memories and will.
Also, in PS1, Noah can "talk" to enemy monsters/animals/Motavians/ and Dezorians.

But Rune doesn't have anything as a skill or tech that I would say is related to ESP, telepathy, telekinesis etc.

So what is an Esper? Do Lutz's powers have to deal with anything mental, psych, or telepathy?


PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, '22, 5:32 pm 
As for me I didn't really ask myself about the meaning of ESPER ! So it's hard to tell...

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