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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, '10, 7:43 pm
The Malleus Maleficarum operates transparently in the entirety of the Algo solar system.

Its main goal is to root out agents of darkness so they can be apprehended. It also has other objectives such as culling potentials; people who would turn to the dark, willingly or not.

Prevention before action; the Malleus Maleficarum is nothing short but Algo's inquisition.

It operates on many levels. It technically belongs to the Motavian military. It is headed by one person alone, a person who has next to no authority over it; an overseer, but not a decider. By definition, the Maleficarum cannot be entrusted to people; it must be entrusted to itself so it knows if it becomes contaminated. There are different levels of agents; official agents in the military who do not do ground work but oversee operations and official civilians who coordinate with the military. The core of the Malleus Maleficarum however lies in its sleeper agents, mostly civilians. Most of them do not even know of the Maleficarum's existence. They are simply chosen for their position and ability at reporting facts.

Information is the most powerful weapon of the Maleficarum.


Almost one year after the battle of the Exile, the Motherbrain has recently vanished, the Atrian War rages on, Algo is in turmoil. Palm and Mota need to coordinate if they are to survive against the implacable alien enemy. There is a new menace in the name of the cult of St-Utenia and the Malleus Maleficarum has never been so busy. Let the Palmans fight the Atrian aliens, Mota has its hands full with cultists and pirates alike.

Major Aaron Kurtz rubbed his aching temples. He frowned as he discovered that his last coffee gulp was much colder than he anticipated. He looked at his bracer module; three hours passed midnight already. No wonder.

"Major, the line has been established. You may begin your call at will."

"Thank you Lena. You really should go home. Take the day off tomorrow, I need to go to Dezo anyways." Kurtz asked with his tired voice. He needed not to hide his fatigue to Lena, she knew who he was and showing his humanity to her was all right.

"Thank you major, good night major."

He knew she would still come in for work, that's who she was.

"Hello Kurtz. I'm sorry I had to make you wait, I was tied up and had to expedite some."

Kurtz stiffened a little as he saw General Freeman's face appear on his console.

"Good evening general. I am afraid we have some unwanted concern."

Freeman grinned. "Tell me old friend, when is concern ever wanted?"

Kurtz frowned. "There are matters of concern greatly preferable to this one. One of my sleepers has reported that this book was found today in the Esper Mansion, acquired by a certain member through illegal channels on Palm. We have traced the sources and are moving in to shut down."

Freeman took a few long moments to ponder the nature of the book. "I hate to see that this has made its way there. Preventive action will have to be taken."

"Should we arrest the man?" Kurtz asked.

Freeman took a few more moments to think. "No. He may not work alone. Put him under observation. No nevermind. I'll take care of it myself."

Kurtz simply nodded. "How's the Ryucross project going, general?"

"As a matter of fact," Freeman answered "I happen to need to visit the mansion regarding just that…"
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