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PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, '13, 7:17 pm 
For fans of the classic movie "Independence Day" that was filmed several years ago comes great news in the form of not one, but two, upcoming sequels to that movie. The first movie starred Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid, and Bill Pullman, among others. It was a terrrrrrrrrrrrrrific movie!!! ... 44190.html

Looking forward to seeing what they do with these two proposed sequels as I am a big fan of the original "Independence Day" movie. It would be great if they get some of the same people to come back for parts in the sequels or cameo's or something.

Anyone else here a fan of "Independence Day"?

Which actors and characters would you like to see in the sequels??

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, '13, 8:39 pm 
I LOVE Independence Day! One of the greatest movies of all time and certainly one of the best of my generation! The end credit music is also so epic. This is exciting news indeed!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 7, '13, 4:48 am 
Sequels to this film are long overdue, I'd say. It had lots of opportunity for continuation in the plot. It'll be interesting to see who does and doesn't return. A lot of characters in the first movie actually died before the end of the film, but plenty were left for a possible return, as well.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 8, '13, 4:17 pm 
And, we all know that today even being "dead" in movies does not really mean DEAD!! There are various ways they could think of to bring back the President's wife (although that one would be hard to do), or even the crop duster (played by Randy Quaid) who supposedly exploded while flying a nuke into one of the alien ships, and who if you remember...had been taken captive by aliens previous to this invasion!! I'd like to see the crazy doctor (played by Brent Spiner aka Data in "Star Trek") come back too. It was kinda funny when he made the comment about them not getting off the base much and the President said he could understand that, lol. I also liked Will Smith's pilot friend who was killed early in the film. Hope they can bring some of these characters back too.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, '13, 3:46 am 
Oh, this is good news. The original movie was fantastic.

PostPosted: Mon May 6, '13, 3:21 am 
I was very happy to recently find a copy of a LE DVD of the original "Independence Day" movie at a "yard sale" type store in our area for only 99 cents. Yep, I bought that as soon as I saw it, lol. Played perfect too except for one little scene and I knew everything that happens in that scene almost by heart lol, so I'm a happy camper. :)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 8, '13, 2:00 am 
Maybe we shouldn't count Will Smith out just yet for a return in the new "Independence Day" sequels. He could possibly decide to do the film(s). It looks like Jeff Goldblum (sp?) and Bill Pullman may be on board already. That's good because a new movie just would not be the same without those two. ... -after-all

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, '15, 1:06 am 
Some news on casting for the new "Independence Day" movie coming out ahead with the possibility that one character we thought had died in the first movie may not be dead after all: ... cid=AARDHP

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, '15, 5:23 am 
Ha ha ha, that scientist was pretty funny.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, '15, 7:04 pm 
The new Independence Day movie now has a name. It will be called "Independence Day Resurgence"! ... 58767.html

This movie sounds interesting already. Too bad that Will Smith still may not be in it as he really helped make the first movie as popular as what it was, I think, but the cast they have now sounds awesome!!! Really looking forward to this movie coming out.

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